Wine – The Best Way to Stay Warm This Winter

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I was never really into the whole Moleskine craze, my journals were all given to me by random people or found at small shops, but when Dan and I were looking for something to use as wine journal, I came across this Moleskine wine journal in Barnes and Noble that had everything we wanted. The wine journal I had in mind needed to be simple and classic with tabs for different types of wine so I didn’t have to flip through too many pages. This journal has all kinds of extras – like stickers and a small section for a picture of the wine – if you have time for that. Even though I am too lazy to use the extras, I like that they are there. The journal is very detailed and easy to navigate. It would make a great present for that wine friend of yours that likes to do things the old school way and make lists rather than put it all in their wine cellar phone app.

Moleskine Wine Journal | Wine - The Best Way to Stay Warm This Winter: Wines you should try

Moleskine Passions Wine Journal

Dan and I put together a list of decently priced wine that we would buy and share with friends and family for the holidays, or buy for ourselves because, you know, that’s fine too. The prices may vary depending on the year and where you purchase, but the prices listed will at least give you an idea of how much you might spend. I was very surprised by how many wines we’d had at restaurants that we could easily afford to drink at home.

Wines You Should Try:

Prosecco – La Marca Prosecco $14-19

Our celebration drink of choice. We started drinking this when we wanted a decadent drink to go with a decadent dessert, like strawberries and nutella. Bubbly just makes me happy. So yummy.

White – Cave B Sauvignon Blanc 2012 $20

Turns out this baby is only $20 and it’s very good. We tried it at Anchovies and Olives (huuge markup) and if it’s only $20 I think we need to stock up! Seriously delicious.

White – Alexandria Nicole Cellars Crawford Viognier $20

I used to work at Alexandria Nicole Cellars, so I guess I miss those spoiled days of leftover wine, when I could get this bottle for $10. I really enjoy Alexandria Nicole Cellars wine but this is the wine that I suggest to anyone who asks me for a quality, not-too-sweet white. Dan and I are going to drink this on Christmas Eve with our fish feast.

White – Cakebread Cellars Chardonnay $30-55

This is Dan’s go-to white. It’s always super crisp and clean. No boozy aftertaste. Doesn’t have the oaky taste and it’s the first Chardonnay that I’ve really enjoyed.

Red – Giant Wine Company Ghost of 413 Red Blend $15

We tried this wine at Italianissimo when we were looking for a drinkable, medium priced red and it turned out that it was in the lower price range. It’s everywhere out here (which means it might be difficult to find in stores outside of Washington) and the first twist off bottle of wine that we thought was tasty.

Red – Argiano Toscana Rosso Non Confunditur (here) $20

We drank this wine at Tavolàta and loved it. Really liked. Made love to it. Paired great with salami, prosciutto and cheese. Yum. Another wine we assumed was a lot more expensive (thank you markups) and would love to have a few bottles in the house (not like they’d stay long).

Red – Bodegas El Nido Clio $35

A go-to family gathering wine for Dan’s family. They usually drink it during the appetizer stages (Dan’s favorite) but pairs well with pretty much anything. It’s really clean but a little on the bold side, without that heavy aftertaste.

Wine - The Best Way to Stay Warm This Winter: Wines you should try

Original Source: Different Types of Wine

Definitely open this up in a new tab to view it larger. It’s awesome! I searched for the wines I like best and it was interesting to see what flavor profile I gravitate toward. This might make ordering wine easier in the future – I’m looking for a fruity, high tannin red…something with black cherry, raspberry flavor. (Also, Wine Folly is my new favorite wine blog. All those wine infographics you’ve seen, probably on Tumblr come from this site. I suggest you read the 7 Deadly Sins of Wine and Food Pairing)

  • Hey Julia!

    We love a lot of the same restaurants! Except I find myself holed up with a pizza in front of a computer. I hope you have a fabulous Christmas. Great lil’ recommendations; I would drink them! I’m surprised you like Cakebread because it is oaked, it’s just super well balanced. Good picks–you must be very passionate about wine.


    • Style & Cheek

      Can I say I am passionate about drinking wine? But thank you, I am happy you like my suggestions, especially as a wine blogger. I was also surprised that I liked Cakebread but I put my chardonnay judgement aside and it became a favorite. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you have a great Christmas as well.