Kate Spade Wallets

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Last weekend Dan and I went on a little shopping expedition. We were on a mission to find a purse and boots for my birthday (which is next month). Dan has been badgering me about buying a nice purse because I really don’t have one. I’ve always been afraid of them because (at least around me, or maybe I’m just paranoid) that nice things just find a way to get ruined. I had a friend who once put her supple leather hobo on a stove while it was still hot. Why she put it on the stove? …no idea. Anyway, Dan suggested, after my Boots, Bags, and Burberry post, that we go to Coach and see if there was something I liked. We probably molested every purse in there but I finally settled on the Legacy Leather Candace Carryall and it’s coming in today!

Now the problem is that I don’t own a wallet. Well, I have a cigarette case which holds my credit cards and license and I love it, but it’s really heavy and not very convenient. However, I do recommend cigarette cases for business cards. But I need a big girl wallet. Coach has a nice selection, but they feature a lot of bright colors and that is not something I am ready for. I want something simple and understated. My mind went to Kate Spade. She’s always been good at classy, ladylike pieces. Here are my favorites. I love that the Mikas Pond travel wallet doesn’t have any snaps or zippers, and the classic bone color of the Harrison Street Lacey wallet is really pretty!

Kate Spade Wallets on Style and Cheek

Kate Spade Mikas Pond Lacey Continental Wallet

Harrison Street Lacey Continental Wallet

Tudor City Holly Credit Card Wallet

Cobble Hill Tara Tri-Fold Wallet

Tudor City Stacy Checkbook Wallet

Mikas Pond Travel Wallet