Pinterest Picks – Valentine’s Day Inspired

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How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? I know it’s kinda far away but I’m already seeing gift guides and inspiration on Pinterest. A lot of people find it blah, unimportant, a waste of a holiday. Then there are others who are really into it, it inspires them to decorate, it fills them with excitement and romance. I’ve always been biased towards Valentine’s day. Not because of the romantic aspect but because my birthday is February 16th so even if Valentine’s day is whatever, at least I have my birthday to celebrate. I’d usually have a Valentine’s themed birthday party with pink and red candy, hearts everywhere. I care less about the holiday and more about what comes with it: candy and pretty things. Isn’t that something worth looking forward to?

Valentine's Day

I definitely wanted to wear pink and red on Valentine’s day when I was younger, but looking at this super cute outfit I wonder why I wouldn’t want to wear pink and red more often. That Coach bag is gorgeous and I’m not even a big fan of pink! If you’re like me and think pink is too girly, then take a look at this outfit and tell me that this isn’t just the perfect mix of pretty and modern.

Valentine's Day

I’m on a huge nail polish kick right now, changing it every week. Dan had to stop me from buying a new butter LONDON polish last night, but now I want a red and pink so I can replicate this picture. I’m pretty sure these colors are Macbeth and Trout Pout. That’s the right kind of pink combination for me, more coral than pink.

Valentine's Day

Thank you Martha Stewart for reminding me that elementary school was awesome. I wonder if our teachers were inspired by Martha Stewart for some of our arts and crafts projects, because I have definitely made wax paper shapes in the past. Even though this is something that would be fun to make with a kid it makes me want to take out some crayons and wax paper and cover the apartment in hearts.

Big Fringe DIY Valentine's Day

If crayon hearts are perfect decorations for kids, these fringe crepe garlands are big girl decorations. Party time with champagne and macarons  with everyone wearing their cutest red and pink outfits and sparkly heels. Or it would be the perfect backdrop for a photobooth like the girls have done in this DIY.

Valentine's Day

These are either the fanciest Valentine’s day party cakes I’ve ever seen or romantic ombre cakes for an outdoor Valentine’s day wedding. Ruffle cakes are so pretty! And I love the X and O’s as cake toppers. Check out the other pics from the Style Me Pretty shoot and the beautiful rosette cake and macarons painted with gold X’s and O’s.

Valentine's Day Picnic | How to set the table in a vintage way

The only thing that bothers me about Valentine’s day is that you never know what kind of weather you’ll have. Occasionally, we get lucky and have a really nice sunny day and when that happens you want to take advantage of it. But even if the weather isn’t wonderful you can have a romantic indoor garden inspired party with flowers and pastries. I see some Chocolove on the table – yes please.