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There were a ton of mirrors in the house I grew up in. At the end of hallways, in the entryway, above the fireplace mantles. When my Mom would redecorate and move one of them it would totally throw me off. I was always using them to check my lipstick as I went out the door, or to make sure I didn’t have cat hair on my rear end. It wasn’t until I moved in with Dan that I realized how much I loved mirrors – not just for the vanity or “cat-hair-butt-check”, but for how they change a room.

My Mom is really into feng shui and mirrors are said to shift the flow of energy in a room. I’m cool with that. But I’m also a fan of mirrors in place of art. I’m incredibly picky with artwork but if there is a huge space, why not use a floor mirror instead? I love when mirrors are used between symmetrical pieces or as a way to give a corner of a room more attention. If you put up a gaudy mirror on a wall, it’s going to look gaudy, but if you put it on the floor it’s more casual, fun, decorative but not too stuffy.

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The inspiration:

Pinterest Picks - Floor Mirrors

via: House of Turquoise

Pinterest Picks - Floor Mirrors

via: decorpad

Pinterest Picks - Floor Mirrors

via: the kb files

Amitha Verma Floor Mirror | Pinterest Picks - Floor Mirrors

via: Amitha Verma

Pinterest Picks - Floor Mirrors

via: automatism

Our favorites: 

Pinterest Picks - Floor Mirrors

Antique Tile Floor Mirror | west elm

Pinterest Picks - Floor Mirrors

Salvaged Boat Wood Leaner Mirror | Restoration Hardware

Pinterest Picks - Floor Mirrors

Santorini Painted Floor Mirror | Pottery Barn

Sabine Floor Mirror Pottery Barn | Floor Mirrors

Sabine Floor Mirror | Pottery Barn

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    Enjoyed your reflections Julia!

    • Style & Cheek

      Thank you Theresa! How punny! :)