Patience Pays…in Rag & Bone Booties

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Rag & Bone Harrow Bootie | Patience Rag & Bone Booties

Rag & Bone Harrow Booties

Guess what was on sale? Yes. Yes! YES! We went to Nordstrom to look at booties since the ones Dan ordered were uncomfortably tight. We browsed all over and nothing really stood out. We get to the very last sale rack and I’m scanning through the options thinking, “ugly, ugly, ugly… hmmmm” and pick up these super cute booties. They’re Rag & Bone and oh my gosh they are on sale. Dan snatches the boot out of my hand to look and says, “I don’t know what size 39 means” and hands them back to me. It means they’re mine! That’s what that means. I got super lucky with this find, they were so deeply discounted there is no way I could say no. Rag & Bone for less than $300? Yes. My precious.

On Tuesday Dan and I took a hard hat tour of a new apartment complex that we’ve essentially been stalking since they started construction. We explored three townhomes and have plans to see the apartment we really want on Saturday. I’m so excited to get out of this apartment. So ready to move and start fresh. The apartments are in such a quiet location and have hardwood floors and a huge island in the kitchen which are major selling points for Dan. I like that the washer and dryer isn’t in the bathroom and could actually fit our big comforters. Hell yes! If we choose this apartment on Saturday then our move in date should be February 1st. I can’t wait to make this apartment feel like our home but more specifically, my home. I’ve been living with Dan but it’s been in his living space, not mine. I’m excited to share this experience on the blog too. We’ve already made a list of the furniture we need and Mr. Picky better get excited to pick out some rugs and curtains. I’m pumped.