Fancy Friday – Four Restaurants to Try in Seattle: Comfort Food

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Bitterroot Barbecue: Best New Restaurant 2012 | Seattle Magazine | Fancy Friday - Four Restaurants to Try in Seattle Comfort Food

Bitterroot photo credit: Haley Young

It’s been a good month for food. Top Chef: Boston started recently and Seattle Restaurant Week just finished its first week yesterday. Set menus have never really interested me because Dan and I tend to prefer multiple small plates. We like the freedom of choosing how much or how little we eat, and trying as many flavors as possible. That being said, Restaurant Week is pretty appealing, even with its set menu format. We’ve tried a fair amount of the restaurants participating but there are just too many intriguing places, and Restaurant Week gives you a chance to sample some great food at a low cost. This is the perfect time of year to try a few new places, and maybe add one or two to your list of favorites to revisit during winter. Because once the weather gets cold and gross, and there are depressingly few hours of daylight, there’s nothing better than chowing down on yummy food and drink.

We’re definitely blessed with so many places to eat in the Seattle area, which is why this is such a fun post to write. I wrote a post about Four Restaurants to Try in Seattle back in July of 2013 and still have not tried any of the restaurants on the list. We get distracted by the restaurants we already know and love but 2015 baby, we’re gonna knock some of these off the to-try list and hopefully add them to the love list. Then in October 2013 I wrote Four Perfect Date Night Restaurants in Seattle which featured restaurants we still love and frequent often. What’s difficult for us is that we live on the other side of the bridge so we don’t get the chance to try the downtown restaurants as much as we like, although maybe that’s a good thing for our bellies and wallets!

Because the weather is getting chillier it seemed like a great time for some comfort food, keep in mind that this is the Northwest so there are a ton of Northwest comfort food joints (sautéed duck or fish with some greens and a starch in a rich buttery sauce) but that isn’t what I was going for here. Comfort food to me is fatty, filling, and warm, and since we can get northwest flavor anytime, I’m looking for comfort food with a variety of flavor. Today I’ve shared two restaurants that are participating in Restaurant Week and two that are not. The second week of Seattle Restaurant Week is from October 26-30 and features 3 courses for $30. The two restaurants I talk about that are not a part of that pretty sweet deal, Chippy’s and Bitterroot BBQ, both feature reasonably priced menus. So overall I’ve given you guys four pretty different types of mouth-watering, affordable comfort food to try.


Four Restaurants to Try in Seattle Comfort Food


Chippy’s (now Marine Hardware)

This is Ethan Stowell’s fish and chips restaurant in Ballard. Dan and I went here over the weekend and left nearly comatose. Since it was our first time we still have a lot more to try but I highly recommend the Smoked Clam Dip, the Dungeness Crab Roll, and the Cod and Chips with any or all of the dipping sauces. And if you’re a cocktail lover I suggest the refreshingly grapefruity Motherboy IV. I must say that one underrated aspect of dining here was the lack of the oily gut feeling after eating fish and chips. That’s what you call high quality deep fried goodness!



Is it about the meat or the sides? That seems to be a very polarizing question for people. I’m a sides fan when it comes to BBQ, especially mac & cheese and this place has an entire section on their menu devoted to customizing your mac & cheese. The starter section is also calling to me; I’ll take some pickled deviled eggs with bacon please. This summer, thanks to easy access to a grill, Dan and I ate our fair share of grilled meat but the variety on this menu as far as entrées go is kind of overwhelming – we’ll try one of each.


Peso’s Kitchen & Lounge

Peso’s is a restaurant in Lower Queen Anne that we usually go to for Brunch. I’m a huge fan of their Carne Asada and Eggs, and Dan loves their Crème Caramel French Toast (he also went out for drinks one night with friends and came home raving about their shrimp tacos). They’re participating in Seattle Restaurant Week and the Crispy Beef Picadillo Taquitos Dorados caught my eye and had Dan drooling over the Dungeness Crab and Rock Shrimp Enchilada with Tomatillo-Mascarpone Cream. Food coma!


Local 360

If you’re craving soup or stew I would suggest checking out Local 360 during Seattle Restaurant Week. Does is get anymore comfort foody than that? The Farro Jambalaya with Andouille, Clams and Wild Salmon sounds pretty darn good on a rainy Seattle night. Their locally sourced menu is a mix of northwest, French, and southern flavors and it’s hard to single anything out but the Steak & Beet Tartare with Garlic Chips and Greens sounds especially delicious right now.