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Raise your hand if you’re feeling the effects of winter skin. Consider my hand raised! While the winter hasn’t hit full force just quite yet in Ohio and it’s been relatively mild, my skin is already in hibernation mode and already acting out. Bitter cold air, extreme winds, and dry heat to keep you warm are all playing a major role with your winter skin. But what if you could fight back and get rid of dry, flaky, sensitive, red skin this year? What if there were a few products that could save your face and leave you feeling your best each day? With the best care and the proper products, your best winter skin is just around the corner.

If you’re already prone to dry skin, make sure you hydrate! Your skin is experiencing a lack of hydration and you need your winter moisturizer on hand for these months. That lightweight moisturizer you use to combat oilyness in the summer isn’t going to cut it this season. Look for something that has safflower oil, soybean oil, or shea butter (or even all 3) to really help to intensify the moisture in your skin.

For those that struggle with oily prone skin all year round, this is not the time to slap on thick creams in hopes of correcting the issue. You’re going to be over moisturizing your skin and left with a greasy puddle. At the same time, it’s best to still have a winter moisturizer on hand to make sure you correct the issue. Look for oil-free products so that you’re skin doesn’t absorb too much and you’re left with the perfect balance.

After you cleanse your face (morning and night!) moisturize immediately. Help to lock in the natural moisture before your pores close up. Your skin will only benefit from this process so skip the walk around your home, folding laundry and doing the dishes. Wash, moisturize then continue on with your day. Plus this is a great time to allow your moisturizer to absorb and set properly before you begin any makeup applications.

Winter is also the best time for exfoliating. For those dry skin ladies, like myself, this is the best time to exfoliate. Do you see dry patches on your face even if you’re religious with your moisturizer? That’s your biggest cue to exfoliate. Time to invest in a Clarisonic or a weekly face scrub to help combat those dry patches.

Lastly, when you cleanse and shower, skip the ultra hot water. I know it’s cold and we seek refuge in our showers to keep warm, but this super hot water is taking two steps back from everything else you’re doing above. I’m not saying to bathe in ice cold water, but there’s a fine line with the temperature of water you’re using.

Now that we’ve mastered what we should and should not be doing, let’s get into the products! Below are the faithful go-to’s which will help you feeling and looking your natural best this winter.

Winter Skin Care | The Makeup Lady

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– Jamie of Hello There, Lady!