Fancy Friday – Rebecca Minkoff Bags and the MAB Mini

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Before my birthday Dan spent some time taking stock of my closet. Ever the planner, he mentioned that I needed a new purse. I’m not a big purse person and usually end up lugging the same bag everywhere I go. Stylish, right? Well Dan noticed that I didn’t have a nice clutch and sent me on my way to find the clutch of my dreams. I came back to him empty-handed. I did not find clutch the clutch of my dreams, but there was another bag I’d been eyeing that kinda fit the bill with its mini size – the Rebecca Minkoff MAB Mini Tote. You probably noticed this bag in pink on my Mixing Polka Dots post and I’m surprised I haven’t used it in other collages because I’ve come back to it time and time again. It’s just so incredibly cute and versatile.

Rebecca Minkoff MAB Mini Tote in Black | Rebecca Minkoff Bags

Well, I went for it! My very own Rebecca Minkoff MAB Mini in black (of course) arrived on Wednesday and I spent quite a bit of time just admiring its beauty as it sat on the counter. Part of me loves it because I feel really adorable carrying around such a tiny little bag. And part is because of how amazingly light it is. I’m used to carrying around what feels like a bowling ball. But this purse is as light as a feather.

That being said, it’s still pretty sturdy. It doesn’t flop open and the bottom is flat so it will stand upright when you put it down. Basically I could take someone out if I had a brick in it, which I suppose could be helpful if I needed to hit anyone with my purse. There’s a small pocket in front, a magnetic closure which I expected not to like but turned out to be just fine, and a small internal pocket. It also comes with an adjustable strap for crossbody use and a dust bag.

Aside from gushing about the MAB mini, I wanted to share my other Rebecca Minkoff favorites that I considered before settling on this beauty. Yes, they’re all black. As much as I love the other colors I’m not at the point in my life where I have enough basic pieces, but be sure to check out all the beautiful pastels that are out for spring. Dan and I spent forever touching bags, trying them on, walking around with them, and opening them up to see what felt best.

Yes, I ‘made’ Dan try on a few bags too just so he could really know what I was talking about. I went with the MAB mini because it fits best with my lifestyle. We go out to dinner a lot so I needed something understated and pretty that could sit next to me, but maybe you’ll fall in love with another of Rebecca Minkoff’s crazy cute lineup of bags.

Rebecca Minkoff MAB Mini Tote | Rebecca Minkoff Bags

Rebecca Minkoff MAB Mini Tote – No regrets! So happy I chose this bag. It’s so much fun and will get a ton of use.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Crosby Cross Body Bag | Rebecca Minkoff Bags

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Crosby Cross Body Bag – It came down to the MAB Mini and this one because I completely fell in love with the turn-lock clasp on the front zipper. It’s also the perfect size and can be used without the strap. A clutch or crossbody, just what I need. This is at the top of my wishlist.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Lexi Bucket Bag | Rebecca Minkoff Bags

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Lexi Bucket Bag – I love drawstring bucket bags and this one is classed up. You gotta love the tassels, but overall, this is a beautiful bag. Throw your stuff in, pull the tassels tight, and go.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Love Cross Body Bag | Rebecca Minkoff Bags

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Love Cross Body Bag – There’s something very feminine about a quilted bag and this does a great job of looking part badass and part romantic, especially with such a sexy lock closure. While I love the look of a chain strap, I like that this one has the chain as well as a leather piece so it sits comfortably on your shoulder.

Rebecca Minkoff Hudson Moto Mini Bag | Rebecca Minkoff Bags

Rebecca Minkoff Hudson Moto Mini Bag – While I don’t remember seeing this in store I wanted to show this one because of the amount of internal pockets – three to be exact. Plus, a small front pocket. Pockets galore! This bag just has a great downtown feel. Very sleek and slightly edgy.

Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Mini Affair | Rebecca Minkoff Bags

Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Mini Affair – This bag reminds me of the Chanel classic flap bag which I find absolutely beautiful and absolutely out of my price range. The Quilted Mini Affair however is right around what I’m willing to spend for a cute and super chic purse. The chain can be worn long or doubled up and there’s one interior pocket (I love me some pockets).