Graphic Tees for Those Who Think Young

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I’m generally not a fan of graphic tees, having always felt that they belonged to teenagers and pop punk bands, which basically means I never considered them as an option for my adult wardrobe. Until recently. In high school one of my only graphic tees was from American Eagle Outfitters and it said “Free Bird” and had a picture of a little bird escaping a cage, and man, oh man was I smug when I wore that with you know, feeling like I was sending a message to the whole world about wanting to be free.

That is exactly where my mind goes when I see people wearing graphic tees, I think, “These kids think they’re sooo cool.” I was actually appalled the other day when I saw a t-shirt in the juniors section printed with an Ayn Rand quote, “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” I thought, what 16 year old reads Ayn Rand and also wears graphic tees? Raise your hand youngins, prove me wrong. Collecting clever quotes on tumblr does not count.

Now, as someone who obviously thinks graphic tees are incredibly silly, why am I suddenly on board with them? Well, because they are silly. And summer is when you should be wearing things like graphic tees. Let your hair down, kick off your shoes, and wear a cheeky t-shirt. Most pieces of clothing have their time and place and graphic tees have their place in summer with concerts, fairs, BBQs, beach days, basically anywhere you would wear a regular t-shirt but want to kick up the sass. And if you want to really get sassy, like borderline offensive sassy, there are graphic tees for you. But if you’d like to go the classier route, I’d stick with a cute tee that’s neither sassy nor smartassy with something like the Très Bien tee. An always appropriate choice.

Graphic Tees Summer 2015

1. Sub_Urban Riot ‘Mercury’ Short Sleeve Tee – A cheeky little nod to the celestial event that messes everyone up.

2. UNIF I’m So Tired Tank Top – Don’t you just love snarky things surrounded by cute things? I do. If you’ve told someone to piss off and then sent them a photo of a puppy, then you’ll probably appreciate this tee.

3. Nasty Gal Private Party On Fleek Tank Top – If you’re wondering what the heck Nicki Minaj is talking about when she says”on fleek”, well look no further than Know Your Meme for “Eyebrows on Fleek”. It essentially means “perfect” or “on point” and Nicki is probably going to wear this saying out so jump on it while you still can!

4. ONE By Daydreamer Rosé Please Tank – Just like the beloved champagne shirts, this is the summertime version. Besides champagne, what’s better than rosé in summertime? Nothing!

5. CHRLDR Très Bien T-Shirt – Very good indeed! Just a little way to elevate your gray tee. I’m down for it.

6. The Laundry Room I Choose Tacos Tee – Nothing matters when you have tacos. Relationship drama? Dating drama? Nah, I got tacos.

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