How She’d Wear It with Style and Cheek – Velvet

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Yasmin Sewell in Christopher Kane London Fashion week ss2014 | Velvet trend

Coming off last month’s incredibly popular trend of Boho, it felt like a good idea to pare things down a bit and talk about a micro trend for November. The micro trend we’re focusing on is one of my favorites, velvet. And because last month felt like it went too quick, don’t be surprised if a few of November’s outfits touch on some boho vibes because velvet can work with almost any style. Whether you’re into boho, preppy, classic, ’90s or ’70s style, velvet can fit into your wardrobe. There is a place for velvet in any closet.

When you wear velvet you’re automatically playing with a vintage style, but in a sophisticated where’s-my-box-of-jewels-and-long-cigarette-holder kind of way. It’s luxurious and plush but calls to vampires and rocker chicks. Bottom line, velvet is sensual and fun. As I write this however, velvet’s biggest nemesis is outside drumming on my balcony; rain. If you live somewhere rainy or wet, velvet is a tough trend to wear. You have to be able to protect your velvet piece from water, and yet I live in Seattle and still refuse to let my rainy location prevent me from wearing velvet. Call me stubborn.

My two favorite velvet pieces were a burgundy blazer and blue-gray pants that looked freaking amazing. The pants in particular hold a special place in my heart because of their booty optimizing cut. Anyway, my current closet is lacking in velvety goodness save for one beloved dress, so maybe I’ll have to spring for a piece or two like you’ll see below.

How She'd Wear It with Style and Cheek - Velvet Trend

1. TOPSHOP Two-In-One Velvet Cord Playsuit

2. TOPSHOP Velvet Slouch Trousers

3. MANGO Velvet Pocket Skirt

4. TOPSHOP Crushed Velvet Soft Triangle Bralet

5. J.Crew Velvet Bow Gladiator Flats

6. H&M Patterned Velvet Scarf

7. Zara Velvet Dress

8. J.Crew Regent Blazer

9. MANGO Fringed Velvet Caftan

10. TOPSHOP Velvet Playsuit

11. TOPSHOP Velvet Patch Pocket Shorts

12. TOPSHOP LINDA Pinstud Velvet Platforms

13. ModCloth Lady Love Song Dress In Merlot Velvet

14. Zara High Heel Velvet Ankle Boots


– Julia of Style and Cheek

image via: Eva Chen’s Pinterest