Beauty Basics – Steal vs Splurge

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One of my favorite series on Beauty Basics is Steal vs Splurge. There have only been a few because it takes a lot of product testing, trial and error, and time. I enjoy experimenting with new and different products but sometimes I can’t cut ties with the pieces I absolutely love. When I finally get up the nerve to try something new, I journal my ideas for this series, knowing that one day I will get back around to doing another Steal vs Splurge products post, even if it’s every 3-4 months.

This time I spread my wings a little and really pushed myself to try something new. I put my tried and true mascara up against a drugstore brand and the results may surprise you. Of course there are always products you need to save your money up for because they do provide miracles in their results. For the others, well…I’ll give you a hand on what you can save on.

Steal vs Splurge Products | Beauty Basics

MAC ‘Liquidlast’ Liner vs. e.l.f. cosmetics Expert Eyeliner – I’ve used the e.l.f. liner for some time now and decided to check out ‘Liquidlast’ after seeing it on a makeup video tutorial. I love the MAC version, I truly do, but for the price I personally prefer the $2 e.l.f. version. Of course quality and long wear accompany the MAC liner but I never have a problem with e.l.f. not lasting and for that I will stick with my drugstore option.


Lancôme ‘Eau Fraîche Douceur’ Micellar Cleansing Water vs Simple Skincare Micellar Water – Here is another perfect example of two products that go head to head and price wins out. Lancôme has GREAT skincare products (and makeup too!) but when it comes down to it, both products are doing the same. I didn’t notice a single difference when using the Lancôme Micellar Water vs the Simple Skincare Brand. I’ll save my money and invest it on the next product.


Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional vs NYX Pore Filler – There is no contest here…Benefit wins hands down. Regardless of the price it proves to be better from quality alone. The NYX didn’t smooth out my pores and my skin was still oily during the day. POREfessional kept my oil away and my makeup smooth all day long. Splurge on this one!


Essie Fishnet Stockings vs Sinful Colors #86 vs Christian Louboutin Rouge Red – 3 nail colors going up against each other and the middle man wins out. Again the Christian Louboutin is a great product and you’re likely paying for the name and packaging when you can spend your $8.50 on the Essie color and put the rest of the money towards something else. Sinful Colors is a great alternative but for the price go with Essie. The quality is a bit more and won’t chip as easily.


L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara vs Lancôme Hypnóse Drama Mascara – you guys….this one was hard! I LOVE the Lancôme mascara with such a hard passion but ever since trying out the L’Oreal option I’m not sure I will go back anytime soon. Is it the price point – maybe. But the product itself wears very, very well on my lashes. No smudging on my eyelids, no flaking throughout the day. It holds up and I’m a fan. But don’t get me wrong I’m not abandoning my favorite mascara forever. Just for the moment…


Not Your Mother’s Dry Finish Texturizing Spray vs Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray – I rarely go the cheap route with my hair products because my husband would definitely judge me. But I tried the cheaper version just to see how it would hold up. I’m always on the hunt for something better when it comes to hair product so it wasn’t a surprise that I ventured out on this category. Not Your Mother’s isn’t bad but it has a sticky finish to it. Yeah, most texturizing products will give your hair some type of grit or texture but this wasn’t the same. It almost reminded me of the old school gel hair sprays. I wasn’t a fan because my thin hair was weighed down by it. Go the Oribe route on this one and because it smells like heaven.


-Jamie of Hello There, Lady!