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Never Stop Creating New Shit | Style and Cheek's Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

So much has changed since last year’s Year in Review, that it’s actually pretty weird to see how different things are only twelve months later. Dan’s car broke down last winter so we had an odd, stressful January getting that sorted out, but the biggest change of 2015 came in May when Dan flew east for his sister’s graduation and I stopped being such a massive recluse. Just so I wouldn’t be bored and miserable while he was gone, I filled my schedule, and threw a little party at our apartment with a bunch of friends I hadn’t seen in a while.

I don’t have a car and that complicates making plans with people. I also work from home so until that point I had allowed myself to become very isolated, because it was just too easy to avoid socializing. But when Dan left I realized that lifestyle sucked! And I had been missing out on good times with some really good friends. Ever since that get-together at our apartment our weekends have been very full. Above all else, the friendship aspect of my life changed dramatically for the better in 2015.

Sure 2015 wasn’t perfect, there were sad moments and setbacks. We lost a close family friend over the summer, had some tough times financially, both of us got sick (me around Christmas, Dan on NYE), but overall 2015 was a really sweet year. I’m getting emotional thinking about it, like a real goof, but I’m really thankful for Dan and for his support with me chasing my dreams. I know there are a lot of things he’d like us to do that we have kinda put on the back-burner for now, and I don’t want that to always be the case, but it’s very nice to have someone who believes in you, who is there for you, who helps you when you make a tough decision like quitting your job to pursue something totally not secure and potentially crazy.

Which brings me to Style and Cheek itself. 2015 was a kickass year. Sure, I didn’t make millions, but holy crap we started food posts, outfit posts, I worked with brands (many times! and it was fun and the brands were super nice and not greedy jerks), and I met new people, and went to events and just POW this 2015 WAS big. If 2016 is anywhere near as good as this past year, things will be golden, and I have a feeling it will be even better. So here’s to an amazing 2016!

Without further ado, here are my 15 favorite blog posts of 2015! More word vomit real quick, if there’s something you want to see more of, less of, anything of in 2016, speak up! Leave a comment, tweet me, email me, message me by carrier pigeon or raven.

1 Credenza 4 Ways: Bold Mid-Century Contemporary | Style by Emily Henderson aka The Design Blog You Need to Read | Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

1. I become kind of obsessed with Emily Henderson’s blog last year and since then I’ve had quite the itch to decorate. I’ve learned a ton from reading her blog and now know that I need a dramatic art piece like that portrait. Do yourself a favor and check out Emily Henderson’s designs.

Rihanna CFDA | Pinterest Picks – My Girl RiRi | Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

2. Oh RiRi, my Queen. Of course I had to do a post on Rihanna’s style. This woman is not only my girl crush, she’s my style crush. In my eyes Rihanna can do no wrong and as 2015 was the year of #FreeTheNipple, Rihanna pretty much won the year. She’s a badass and a great business woman. Who wouldn’t look up to that? Hey Rihanna, will you please drop your album already?!

Sriracha Crab Rolls | Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

Summertime Ricotta Crostini | Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

3. We started doing food posts! It’s been a learning experience but I’m loving it. My two favorites include our sriracha crab rolls, which we eat as soon as the weather shows any sign of warmth, and our summertime ricotta crostini. These two recipes showcase our style of eating, give us some beer and chips or a bottle of sparkling with our finger food and we’re happy.

What I’ll Be Wearing All Summer | Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

Going Boho for Fall | Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

4. Outfit posts! Yes, I started doing regular outfit posts this year and hope you have enjoyed them as much as I’ve enjoyed styling them. It’s completely different styling a body than just having an idea for an abstract outfit. Throw in the complications of your coloring, hair and makeup and it makes for a fun puzzle. The What I’ll Be Wearing All Summer and Going Boho for Fall were my two favorites, probably because of the colors, but both pushed me out of my comfort zone in good ways.

Arizona Two Strap Birkenstock | Birkenstock: The Comfiest Sandal of Them All | Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

5. YES. Love it or hate it, birkenstocks were the IT sandal of summer, aside from gladiators. I’m planning on getting myself a pair for summer 2016, although I’d prefer the slimmer styles and not the clunky Arizona style like above. But these beloved clunkers came back in a big way and I think their reign of casual comfort will last at least a few more summers.

Napa Valley California | Pinterest Picks – Top Five Travel Destinations | Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

6. I didn’t take a single trip outside of Washington in 2015 and gosh darnit my heart was longing for a vacation. I took my desire for travel and turned it into an aspirational blog post about my Top Five Travel Destinations. These are at the top of my list, especially Napa Valley, but trust me there are way more places I’d like to see so this post type may make a comeback in 2016.

Cheeky Jewelry | Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

7. Cheeky jewelry was my most entertaining post to put together and looking back I kept it fairly appropriate considering the hilarious jewelry pieces available. Thank god for designers with a sense of humor! I still want an entire drawer full of crass and quirky jewelry pieces like these.

Tomato Carpaccio | Jamie Oliver | Pinterest Picks – Scrumptious Summer Salads | Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

8. This summer salad post was a life changer for Dan and I as we have since spent quite a lot of time eating salad, specifically The Coveteur’s Kale Salad. If you’re looking for salad inspiration, check out that post, you will love the recipes.

Figgy Old Fashioned by The Kitchn | West Elm Blog | Pinterest Picks – 8 Autumnal Whiskey Cocktails | Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

9. Dan put in his two cents and picked this post on whiskey cocktails as one of his favorites. Even as someone who doesn’t really drink whiskey, I can see how these sound delicious. There’s a cocktail here for everyone.

Free People Piece Out Suede Mini Skirt | Bewitching Bohemian Fall Style | Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

10. As always there were fashion posts but one of my favorites was about boho style with a little bit of a witchy vibe to it. It was a fall season full of black and burgundy, suede, velvet, and lace. If you’re looking to build your boho wardrobe, that post and this post are sure to point you in the right direction.

Beauty Basics - Must Have Lips for Fall: Rimmel #107 | Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

11. Jamie, as always, has the best beauty advice. Her Beauty Basics posts evolved over the year and I’m glad she started doing her own tutorials and reviews. It’s one thing to read about a product, it’s another to see it on someone’s face, so you can understand why her Must Have Lips for Fall was one of my favorites. Although, I still absolutely love the Recreate the Look series, specifically this Donna Karen RTW 2015 look.

Fall Staples for Men | I Am Galla | Pinterest Picks – Fall Menswear Style Inspiration | Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

12. Menswear doesn’t get enough time in the spotlight here on Style and Cheek but when it does I gotta say that my male friends are not shy when it comes to sharing their opinion. This post on fall style inspiration was my favorite probably because of the conversations it started about how men should and shouldn’t layer. Although, I cannot deny my love for the crazy prints of spring and summer.

How She’d Wear It with Style and Cheek – Velvet Dresses | Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

13. I have to admit, How She’d Wear It was a struggle this year. I’ve been doing it pretty much the same way for a few years now and felt very uninspired. I changed up the format and have since found temporary inspiration in HSWI again. I love this post on glamorous velvet dresses but I also liked date night palm prints from earlier in the year.

Masha Moon Jewelry - Luna White Necklace and Luna Black Necklace on Julia of Style and Cheek. Photo by Philip Woolridge | The Simple Elegance of Masha Moon Jewelry | Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

14. One of the biggest changes to Style and Cheek was the amount of collaboration posts I did with brands. I met Masha of Masha Moon jewelry at an event and we decided a collaboration was in order. One photoshoot later and we had this awesome post showcasing Masha Moon jewelry. It was my first time working with a professional photographer, which I’d love to do more of in the future, and he did a beautiful job.

 Chocolate Crinkle Cookie and Scout Mint Ice Cream Sandwich | Molly Moon’s Holiday Ice Cream Sandwich | Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

15. Another collaboration post to end 2015 was this ice cream sandwich post I did with Molly Moon’s ice cream. Not only was this the most “me” feeling post I put together this year, I was also excited about how yummy the sandwiches were. These are the type of posts I’d love to do more of in 2016, true collaborations where I can flex my creative muscles and come up with something fun.