Galentine’s Day Gift Guide

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Galentine’s Day, the February 13th holiday where “ladies celebrate ladies” may have been made by Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope on Parks and Rec, but it has become a real holiday. Well, sorta. Let’s just say that throwing a Galentine’s Day party is a thing. People are doing it. And thanks to the ultimate bubbly and optimistic gal pal herself, Leslie Knope, people are even making Galentine’s Day cards, exchanging Galentine’s Day presents, making Galentine’s Day cocktails and snacks!

It may seem silly to think that a made up a holiday has come to life and actually taken over a real day of the year, but come on, Galentine’s Day is actually an amazing idea. Plus, I can just imagine Amy herself getting together with Tina Fey for some Galentine’s Day fun. Who are better at gal-paling than Amy and Tina?

To come up with a solid Galentine’s Day gift guide, I tried to harness my friendship gifting powers. This guide is inspired by some of my nearest and dearest but to be quite honest, I’d want every single thing on here. Especially the really expensive Veda leather jackets which I really just put here because I was stoked to find them after absolutely loving the street style photo of two girls wearing them. Dan thinks they’re ridiculous. I think they’re fabulous.

But the theme for this gift guide, if there is one, is fun! There isn’t a serious thing on here. Everything is fun or pretty or yummy. Just how I like it. And while I tried to incorporate a fair amount of real gifts, I think alcohol and snacks are always a good option. Like seriously how nice would it be if for Valentine’s Day your best friend showed up with a bottle of wine (or sparkling) and some Beecher’s cheddar (or their curds!)? I’d be like yes, come in, come in, let’s eat and drink and gossip/watch Buffy reruns. Ok, I’d probably let them in even if they were empty-handed because I’m not Satan but Galentine’s Day can be that simple. If you do need or want something a little more gift-y, my gift guide is here to help, from the best yoga mat ever to some really cute and complimentary cards.

Galentine's Day Gift Guide 2016

1. In God We Trust Sweet Nothing Best Bitch Necklace

2. Wrapped Arrow Ring from Moorea Seal

3. Compartés Chocolates California Love Salted Pretzel Dark Bar

4. Work It Out Exercise Mat – After This We’re Getting Pizza

5. Ur So Pretty Card

6. Compliment Postcard Book

7. Everyday Bobbis in Metallic Rose Gold

8. Alex Sunglasses from Moorea Seal

9. Beecher’s Flagship Cheese

10. Moët & Chandon Rose Imperial

11. VEDA Jayne Best Friends Jacket (left) and VEDA Jayne Best Friends Jacket (right)