Fancy Friday – Four Restaurants to Try in Seattle Classy Comfort Food

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Restaurants to Try in Seattle Classy Comfort Food - Sitka & Spruce Seattle Restaurant

photo via: Sitka & Spruce

If you haven’t already noticed, we love food. Or rather, we love trying new things, flavors, foods, restaurants. So this post series is really great to keep in my back pocket for when we’re really excited about a place we’ve tried or just heard about and want to share. We’ve tried to budget over the past year so there have been fewer visits to our tried and true favorites, and it’s been rare for us to try many of the new restaurants we have on our list.

It’s time to branch out, or least go back for seconds. Like the other night we stopped into one of our favorites, How to Cook a Wolf and had a quick dinner at the bar (how posh sounding right?). We ordered some bucatini which was kinda cacio e pepe style and we’re still, three days later, drooling over it. But every so often we get to experiment and experimenting is what I love best.

This time around, since the weather pretty much requires it, we’ve got Four Restaurants to Try in Seattle Classy Comfort Food edition. We’ve done traditional comfort food and discussed BBQ, fish and chips, and Mexican food, but I wanted to raise the bar a little for nights out when you want a classy dinner but it’s cold or raining and your dinner needs to be the culinary equivalent of a glass of whiskey, a cozy sweater, and a nice fire. But it still needs to be delicious and delight your senses because what are you paying for if not great food and a memorable experience? Bring on the classy comfort food. And don’t miss Four Restaurants to Try in Seattle 1, 23, and 4.


Four Restaurants to Try in Seattle Classy Comfort Food


Red Cow

What is more comforting than steak frites and a glass of deep red wine? We took a friend who was visiting from New York to Red Cow back in January and we all left extremely satisfied. The steak was perfectly cooked, Dan really enjoyed his chicken, and the drinks as always were yummy. But the thing that stood out to me the most was the chicken liver mousse. We ordered the pâté de campagne, chicken liver mousse, and pheasant rillettes and demolished it. Once my moules frites came, I spent my time spreading the chicken liver mousse on my fries. It may sound odd but try it, it’s so comforting and decadently delicious.


Sitka & Spruce

This has been sitting in my restaurant bookmark folder for years now and we still haven’t been to Sitka & Spruce which is located in Melrose Market on Capitol Hill. And yet, every time we look at the menu we wonder why we haven’t been there because every single thing on their menu sounds tasty. They also have a brunch menu that seems so hearty and warm and loving. If brunch can even be loving. But either way…brunch, dinner, even lunch all sound creative and delicious. Like I have no idea how farro porridge of winter mushrooms, bonito, and black truffle would taste but I want to find out.



We went here awhile back with a group of friends and had a great time. The cocktails were really good, the food was tasty, and I guess the only thing I didn’t love was that it is a super small space, tucked away down Post Alley in Pike Place, so I could never get comfortable sitting so close to people. Besides that, I’d 100% recommend this spot, especially for happy hour. Get the bulgogi beef sliders! I’d go back just for those meaty heavenly morsels. Other memorable dishes include the skillet bibimbap and kimchi pork belly. Dan is a huge sucker for hot pot rice bowls and that bibimbap was right up his alley. Delicious!



Dan won’t shut up about this place. He blames us never going here because it’s true I don’t crave Thai food, and vegetarian food brings to mind blandness, but I like quality food so we need to go. According to Dan this is the cleanest stir fry style food you can find in Seattle. His favorite is the spicy eggplant, a Thai restaurant staple that almost never satisfies, except at JhanJay. He dreams about this dish, especially with their crazy textured rice. All the Thai classics are here, from pad see ew and pad Thai to red and green curry. Everything eats fresh and clean but with that hearty comforting Thai flavor. Perfect food for a rainy day or a post work-out meal.