Fancy Friday – Four Restaurants to Try in Seattle for Brunch

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Four Restaurants to Try in Seattle for Brunch - Tallulah's Seattle Restaurant

photo via: Tallulah’s

It’s been a really long time since Dan and I have been to brunch together. We’ve gone to brunch separately with friends but it’s about time we go back to our roots and order brunch for four but really just for the two of us. Stuffing our faces with deliciousness is our idea of romantic! And I know, to folks in the service industry brunch is for assholes. We’re still assholes, we’ve just been busy doing other things. But ’tis the season for brunch! A beautiful spring Saturday or Sunday brunch where you eat your weight in bacon and pastry and then have the rest of the day to lounge around. Sounds good, right? Maybe go window shopping with friends afterwards. It’s time for indulging and then relaxing.

Brunch isn’t just about food though, it’s also the best time to shamelessly crowd your table with as many drinks as possible. Like a bloody mary and coffee and fresh juice and any other drink you could possibly desire. Brunch is about the liquids! And while I’m game for boozy brunch, the food has to be as good or better than the drinks. Thankfully Seattle has an obsession with brunch, it is everywhere and much of it is really, really good. Here are two of our favorite brunch spots and two we’re curious about. And don’t forget to check out Four Restaurants to Try in Seattle 1, 234, and 5.


Four Restaurants to Try in Seattle for Brunch


Toulouse Petit

This is our go-to brunch spot in Seattle (along with their partner restaurant Peso’s for Mexican), located in Queen Anne, but this is the special brunch food I crave. It’s Cajun creole food and oh-so-good! If we lived closer to Toulouse Petit we’d be there regularly and would both gain 20 pounds, and here’s why… You must start with the beignets. It doesn’t matter how much food you want to order, you will make those beautiful powdered sugary bites of heaven fit in your stomach.

And while I’m normally one to try as much stuff on the menu as possible, we gravitate towards the benedicts. Usually one of us will order the Dungeness crab benedict and the other will get the ‘Eggs Hussarde’ with ham and veal shallot pan sauce and we’ll share. Occasionally we’ll add the creme caramel french toast or a fruit plate that comes with condensed milk. I keep telling myself that one day I’ll switch it up but like the saying goes, if something ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


Pomegranate Bistro

Ok, Pomegranate isn’t located in Seattle, it’s in Redmond but we’ve been here so many times that it had to go on this list. It’s one of our favorite restaurants in the area and if you’ve been following Style and Cheek from the beginning I’m sure you’ve seen one or two celebratory meals spent at Pomegranate. We’re big fans of their brunch, especially the savannah hot puffs (to share), Lisa’s southern fried chicken and waffles, and the bistro benedict with salmon and scallion-cheddar biscuits. But you can’t go wrong with their breakfast plate with a side of creamy cheesy grits.

On my to-try list is their brioche french toast with strawberry-rhubarb butter because I’m all about rhubarb right now. Another favorite is their arugula, prosciutto, pecorino flat bread with truffle oil which you can get with fried eggs on top. Salty goodness. And remember to pick up something from the baked goods case in front on your way out.



This has been sitting in my restaurant bookmarks for awhile and I kinda forgot about it, probably because it’s located in Ballard which is a little far for us Eastsiders. What’s notable is their brunch drink list, which is as big as their brunch menu and very rum friendly. A perfect pairing for a heavy breakfast of porchetta “steak” and eggs or bucatini carbonara with lamb belly bacon. That’s not to say the don’t have some lighter veggie happy fare, like their grilled kale sandwich with burrata, chickpea cake, and pickled fennel but to be honest I’d go there for the heavier options and maybe even split a hearth fired Dutch baby with slow roasted strawberry with Dan cause yum.



We haven’t been to Tallulah’s yet but we have a few friends who love it so I’m excited to check it out. It’s located on Capitol Hill and this might be a little silly to say but even if their menu wasn’t awesome I’d wanna go there because it looks soo nice. I stalked their instagram and their aesthetic and decor photos are all I need to see. We need to go. But as a bonus their food also looks and sounds delicious. So I can see why people like this place. Gimme that sexy food, please yes.

Tallulah’s menu is the first one I’ve seen with avocado toast, a trendy favorite. I’m also curious about the red quinoa and smoked salmon bowl with poached egg and avocado, and their lemon ricotta pancake. Their menu isn’t huge but there’s something for everyone, including your straightforward proper breakfast of 2 eggs, toast and potatoes add either bacon or lamb sausage. I’d try the lamb sausage for sure.