Fancy Friday – Stephanie Vovas (NSFW)

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Diora Baird Stephanie Vovas 3

Ever since I saw Emily Henderson’s post featuring Stephanie Vovas 1970’s style glamour shot of Diora Baird, I’ve been obsessed with Stephanie Vovas’s work. I wanted to find more art with that same bold and sexy vibe. I even spent a day searching for all things Vovas and happened upon this amazing podcast with Stephanie and Danielle Krysa of The Jealous Curator. Now Stephanie is my new girl crush. Not only is she talented, she has an amazing shy, cute, humble, and fun personality. She sounds so nice! And did I mention talented?

Vovas’ work is all just so cinematic and vivid. Much of it is inspired by 1970’s Hollywood. Big hair, dramatic makeup, golden hour and late night party vibes. What I love about the Diora Baird close up is that it’s so insanely sexy and yet there’s nothing suggestive happening, nothing overtly sexual. Just her big smoked up eyes and parted mouth. She is sexy. And that’s what Stephanie Vovas is capturing. Diora’s sexy vibes. With an emphasis on ’70s vampy style.

Diora Baird Stephanie Vovas 2

Diora Bard Key Party Stephanie Vovas

That’s not to say that Stephanie doesn’t play up sexiness in other ways. Stephanie went to school for photography but instead of going into that she worked as a designer and editor at a “girly magazine” or porn magazine. The recession forced her to get into photography again and now here she is. Flourishing! And to bring things full circle, she ended up doing the cover for Playboy. Another 60s, 70s sultry photoshoot. There’s another photoshoot she did with a Key Party theme (another with Diora). It’s incredibly sexy (overtly this time) and does include nudity. One of my favorites is from this last shoot and it’s of the two people laying on the bed staring at the ceiling. It’s so cinematic and gorgeous.

Besides working with Stephanie in some way, which would be an absolute dream, I would love to have some of her work in my home. Vivid, gorgeous, ’60s/’70s drama over a mantle or in a hallway or bedroom to really set the mood. While I’d love some Diora, that last one of the couple with the girl in the fur coat is beautiful and might be my favorite. Here are some more amazing pieces by Stephanie Vovas.

Friends Stephanie Vovas

Desi Lydic Stephanie Vovas

Gillian Jacobs Stephanie Vovas

Ombre Stephanie Vovas

Land of Nod Stephanie Vovas

Friendship Stephanie Vovas

Kissing Stephanie Vovas