Updated 2/11/2013


I do not mind sharing my content, but if you see something you like and want to use it, please provide a link back to styleandcheek.com. And be nice! All words and photos produced by me should be cited as such.

The street goes both ways however, and if I happen to use your content unknowingly and without your permission, feel free to reach out to me at styleandcheek@gmail.com and I will remove it or give the correct credit. Whichever you prefer.


I retain the right to censor and/or ignore visitor comments. I do read every comment that comes my way from readers and good-natured criticism is welcomed, as it can only help me become a better blogger. Overly obnoxious trolling will be ignored.

Affiliate Programs

Style and Cheek is a part of the Reward Style program, which means that items with affiliate marketing links featured on my blog that are later purchased could send a tiny commission my way. In no way has this relationship affected the content I have posted or influenced me to post anything other than pieces that I would buy for myself…if I could. At the moment, this blog does not exist to advertise or market for any brands other than the blog itself. All opinions expressed are my own.

Gifted Items/Reviews/Sponsored Posts

That said, if you would like your products featured on Style and Cheek, please email me at styleandcheek@gmail.com. I do accept gifts and will fully disclose where said items come from, but will only feature and review products that fit the Style and Cheek brand. Gifted items featured on the blog will be marked “c/o” (courtesy of). Any sponsored posts or posts featuring gifted items will contain only my actual opinion, and are not subject to editing or other influence.

Guest Posts and Contributors

Style and Cheek is currently not taking on any more guest contributors. I appreciate the interest, but I have two lovely people who submit content on a regular basis and I am not looking for more lovelies at this time. This is definitely not set in stone and Style and Cheek might take on more guest posts in the future.


Style and Cheek loves to collaborate with brands that fit the Style and Cheek aesthetic. If you are a brand looking to collaborate with Style and Cheek, please email me (Julia Amodt) at styleandcheek@gmail.com with the details and hopefully we can work together.