A Girls Worst Nightmare – The Death of a Hairdryer

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As I was packing for my Christmas trip to New Jersey my hairdryer broke. Oh no! What does a girl do when her hairdryer breaks and she doesn’t have a back-up? Plop your wet hair on top of your head, order the hairdryer you’ve been spying and head to Target for a cheap travel dryer. After suffering through a few days of flat frizzy hair I learned that travel hair dryers are only good in a pinch and spending a little more on a good hairdryer is worth the money. Unless you wanna look like a dirt-ass.

I bought the Elchim Professional Hair Dryer that I learned about from this How To: Blow Dry Hair with Volume video tutorial. I love the video tutorials by the LuxyHair sister’s Leyla and Mimi. Below are photo links to my current favorites.

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  • Loren
    January 3, 2012

    I tried the organic ponytail and love it. It’s easy to do and looks great.

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