Five Blogs I Love

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Before I started Style and Cheek I had a long list of blogs I frequented on a daily basis. I’ve decided to share five of my favorites with you. The contents of these  blogs were part of what inspired me to start Style and Cheek. They feature beautiful style shots, the latest outfits, hair tutorials, DIYs, etc etc – these chicks are legit. I’m not saying you should ditch me to follow these awesome blogs but you should definitely check them out.

1. Ring My Bell

Fashion and Beauty Blogs

Look familiar? Ashley stars as Ashley Davenport from the TV show Revenge. I didn’t realize she was such a big blogger until recently. But now I am obsessed. This outfit is from her post New Year Neon and I love the color. Plus as an actress she always looks like such a natural in front of the camera.

2. Cupcakes and Cashmere

Shadows of Dusk | Cupcakes and Cashmere | Fashion and Beauty Blogs

Emily used to work for Teen Vogue and Domino, which is inspiring because I too would like to work in that arena. The thing I like about Emily is that even though her posts seem insanely luxurious, from recipe posts to outfits, they still feel accessible. Here in her Shadows of Dusk post, she is wearing a recently purchased evergreen skirt that makes her legs look great.

3. The Small Things Blog

Fashion and Beauty Blogs

I found Kate and her hair tutorials through Pinterest. She’s a hairstylist in North Carolina and seems so down to earth. This southern belle makes incredibly helpful and simple hair tutorials like the one above from her post Half French Braid Half Up. I have a list of hair products she uses that I need to try. Her hair has so much volume!

4. Atlantic – Pacific

Fashion and Beauty Blogs

Also all over Pinterest is this lady, Blair. While shopping for a dress to wear to my brother’s wedding I came across a few pieces I have seen from Blair’s outfit posts, including this sweater. I was really excited because I have always associated style blogs with things I cannot have. Though I wouldn’t necessarily feel comfortable in outfits like the one in her Casual Crew post, her creative style is something I appreciate.

5. This Time Tomorrow

Fashion and Beauty Blogs

Krystal is a fashion editor at Google and lives in San Francisco. I found her blog through this article and spent way too much time going through her outfit posts. Her style is so pretty. I love this dress from her post Cleansing Palate. She always chooses beautiful, classy pieces. She even pulls off a full on floral suit with sophistication.