Snow Day and Layers

By Tuesday, January 17, 2012 2 Permalink

Snow day! We’re expected to get about 6 inches of snow this week, which for Washington means snowmageddon is coming. We as a state are not prepared for winter weather – people literally will abandon their cars on the side of the road during a light dusting – so when it does snow it is time to stay home.

Snow Day

I dressed in layers because I had planned on going to work after getting my haircut. I wore a t-shirt, my J. Crew keeper chambray, a black sweater and Hudson jeans. Of course now I am in pjs but that chambray is my favorite recent purchase. I’m going to Hawaii this week (weather permitting!) for my brother’s wedding and the shirt will get a lot of use, especially over my bikini.

Snow Day

I look so grim. I’m probably thinking about how Dan and I are going to have to trek to the grocery store for food. Adventure time. Honestly, all I can see now is that our plant needs water. And that this painting is crazy. I see a crotch shot of a woman doing the can-can. Dan sees an angel. Really Dan? Maybe I’m a perv… :(

Snow day

My dorky self is off to make tuna salad for Dan and I. If I were smart I would start planning my outfits for Hawaii but my DVR is full of shows I need to catch up on, including at least ten episodes of Diners Drive-ins and Dives. I love how Guy Fieri, with his bleached hair, backwards sunglasses and cheesy jokes somehow always wins over the restaurant owners. He’s hilarious, I want to meet him.