Hawaiian Wedding pt. 1

By Sunday, January 22, 2012 4 Permalink

My brother Jonah is getting married today! Everyone is clamoring to get the food ready, shower, and find flowers to put in my soon-to-be-sister-in-law’s hair. The rental house is a zoo. I’ll have to write a Wedding post once I get a hold of more pictures but I figured I’d drop in with a short update.



We had dinner the other night in Waikiki before the boys and girls split up for the Bachelor and Bachelorette party. A friend got a hotel room overlooking Waikiki beach and Diamond Head which is where the above picture was taken. From the left: Zak, Me, Jonah, Mom, Dad, and nephew Aidan.

My Mom and I were worried we wouldn’t have time to find dresses for the wedding so we brought back-ups. Thankfully we both ended up finding blue dresses, mine a beautiful electric blue, so we were able to wear these frocks to dinner. Look familiar? I wore that same dress in my New Years post. Dress recycling, you do what you can.