Hawaiian Wedding pt. 2

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The wedding posts are now a series because there’s too much to show and I don’t have access to the rest of the pictures yet. But I didn’t want to keep you waiting so here is a sneak peek of Jonah and Judy’s wedding.

Hawaiian Wedding

Thank you to Matt and Tracy for the photos in these posts, they’re great.

Hawaiian Wedding

Jonah and Judy’s wedding was laid back and relaxed. I know they were very stressed out up until this day but you couldn’t tell once they saw each other. I’ve never seen such a huge smile on my brother’s face. It was incredibly sweet. We have a new “official” addition to the family. Judy’s been considered part of the family for a long time but now she’s my real sister-in-law! She looked beautiful and calm. I can’t wait to see the professional photos!

Hawaiian Wedding

This isn’t even the end of it. Next weekend is Jonah and Judy’s reception here in Washington. Family is coming in on Friday, reception Saturday and Super Bowl party on Sunday. It will be crazy and a great time. I’m excited to see everyone.

Today Dan kindly agreed to come with me to find a dress for the reception. This will be the first time Dan and I have gone to an event that requires fancy duds. I hope I find something good because I know he’s going to look very handsome…and I’m competitive so I have to look as good as him.