Wishful Thinking

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Today is my birthday! I didn’t have a special birthday outfit to wear and haven’t taken any pictures today, so I decided to make a post about the style I wish I had. My “dream outfits”.

On any given day I usually know what clothes I want to wear, and it is always a sad realization that they don’t exist in my closet (yet). Obviously I can’t go out and buy everything I want. Instead I pick up a few pieces here and there, and dream about stuff I find on Pinterest. If you do either of the following you may be a semi-neurotic shopper like me –

You spend 4+ hours trying on clothes with the help of a very enthusiastic Nordstrom employee who you feel like you’ve disappointed because you’ve come out with only one (or none!) item you actually like.

You pin outfits to Pinterest all day, imagining what they would be like to wear (you’d rock them all) but until you start looking for them in your closest you forget that you don’t actually own them.

This is what I do to cope with having an “in-progress” closet. I fantasize and I window-shop, but at least I know what I want. Here are seven outfits that would help my wardrobe match what I imagine myself dressing like day-to-day.

Dream Outfits

Classic style.

Dream Outfits

Girl crush! Brights, neutrals and a girly dress.

Dream Outfits

Pencil skirts – A wardrobe staple.

Dream Outfits

Over the knee boots can be pretty (not just sexy) if done right.

Dream Outfits

I love the equestrian look. See also: Betty Draper.

Dream Outfits

Kate Beckinsale is gorgeous and I gravitate toward her style.

Dream Outfits

Again, Blake Lively – Leather jacket with a pretty dress.

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