Rams Head Necklace

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rams head necklace

Dan gave me this necklace for Valentine’s day and I absolutely love it. When I pinned this Belle Noel Rams head necklace from shopbop I had no idea who was behind the Belle Noel name, I just loved that it was unique. It wasn’t until before writing this entry that I realized that Belle Noel is Kim Kardashian’s jewelry line. I’d like to say that I wouldn’t be influenced by this but, if I had known Belle Noel was her line I may have looked at the necklace differently. But I’m obsessed with the design and I want to wear it every day.

Jewelry needs to have meaning behind it for me to wear it. I rarely buy myself jewelry but adore pieces that I have received as gifts. My favorite necklace is an owl with blue eyes that my Aunt Nancy got in Greece. The blue eyes ward off evil and the owl represents wisdom and the goddess Athena. When I wear jewelry with symbols I feel empowered by that symbol. I know it’s silly but this ram head kinda makes me feel like I can take on anything.

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  • Kathryn Odessa
    February 18, 2012

    Its beautiful, even if it is a Kardashian piece. :))

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