Haircut Happiness

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Let me begin with saying: I am hair challenged. The hair tutorials on Pinterest leave me feeling like I am the only person unable to create a decent updo (there are so many good ones). I am a blow-dry-and-go girl unless it’s for something fancy. Any hair tutorial I try on Style & Cheek will be an indicator that you too can create that style with ease, because my unskilled hands tried it and succeeded!

That being said, haircuts improve my mood. There is a connection between my happiness and hair so when I get down about my look it’s usually because I need a haircut. That’s when I schedule an appointment at my local salon. You don’t have to spend your rent money on haircuts that involve style guides and in-depth pampering, but you also definitely don’t want to hit up the local barber who shaves your boyfriend’s head either. A quality do is worth it.

Hair products

I’ve been disgruntled with my hair lately and decided it was time I put a little more effort into it. I asked my stylist Suzy to recommend some products for me and she was more than happy to point me to some favorites and show me how to use them.

Kérastase Sublimateur Jour | Hair Products

Kérastase Sublimateur Jour is a leave in conditioner for dry hair. I use a tiny amount, no more than dime size and put it on the ends of my hair after towel drying. The product is very light so it doesn’t feel like there’s anything in my hair and it’s fixed a lot of the dry frizzy pieces.

Hair products

Kérastase Resistance Mousse Volumactive is supposed to add fullness to fine hair and protects against heat damage. I have no idea if this is working or not. I can’t tell because my hair is always so flat. However, it smells amazing! I’m happy to use it just to make my hair smell lovely. It is helping with static which I needed. I use about a walnut size amount because you don’t need much.

So far I am happy with the products she suggested but I’m not sure if it’s the products or the haircut itself that’s improving my hair. After finding so many hair tutorials on The Small Things Blog I came across the list of products that Kate uses on a daily basis. This was great because I had been looking for a new shampoo and since Kate is a hairstylist I trusted her choices.

Hair products

Redken Body Full Shampoo for Fine or Flat Hair. I’ve used this shampoo for a few weeks now and noticed a visible difference in the texture of my hair. It leaves my hair feeling soft and has a very clean feeling without over-drying it.

Hair products

Redken Extreme Cat Protein Treatment. I had never used a protein spray before but decided since my hair was starting to look damaged I would try it. After shampooing I spray this on my hair before I condition. I like the way it’s made my hair feel. Before, my hair felt springy and easily broken and now it seems smoother but stronger.

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