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Season 5 of Mad Men begins Sunday March 25th. Dan and I just finished Season 4 last night. I’ll try to avoid spoilers and focus on the style, but if you haven’t seen Mad Men you should consider it, it’s a bunch of slow train wrecks you won’t be able to stop watching. To countdown to Season 5, I’ve decided to post some of my favorite outfits from each season of Mad Men.

Mad Men Season 1 Don and Betty Draper

S1 Episode 5 “SG.” Don and Betty have had incredibly stylish moments together. This just happens to be my favorite. It looks like they are the perfect couple, handsome husband with his movie star wife. Over time you realize how rare a smile is for Betty, even a drunken one. Before this episode we see her in lady-like circle skirts but this white embroidered number is full 1960s glamor. Along with this gorgeous dress, she was wearing a white fur stole and long white gloves because Betty doesn’t do simple.

Mad Men Season 1 Don Draper

S1 Episode 5 “SG.” Don on the other hand has perfected simple. Classic three button suits are a staple and they look great on him. His suits are no-nonsense, with clean lines, but with always a mildly textured fabric. Like this blue tie, his look is crisp and smart. He comes across as very 1950s All-American – trust-worthy, family oriented, honest…

Mad Men Season 1 Joan Harris

S1 Episode 6 “Babylon.” The red hair, the nails, the dress, her subdued pout – Joan oozes secretary sexpot. We never see Joan in something that isn’t form-fitting, and these sheath dresses never fail to accentuate. She’s always the one being noticed but especially when she wears red. To quote Joan, “Roger, if you had your way, I would be stranded in some paperweight with my legs stuck in the air.

Mad Men Season 1 Sal Romano

S1 Episode 8 “The Hobo Code.” Oh Salvatore, I never noticed the little details in his suits like these little Fleur-de-lis dotting his vest, beautiful. As Art Director he has creative license to avoid traditional suits, and show some personality. It’s the little details that show Sal’s subtle flamboyance without being too apparent to the rest of the traditional-minded office.

Mad Men Season 1 Joan Harris pt 2

S1 Episode 9 “Shoot.” I love the color palette they use on Joan with her creamy skin and red hair. Her coral blouse with the tweed skirt is a nice collaboration with the soft womanly blouse and business-like stiff skirt. Plus, who doesn’t love Joan’s signature pen necklace? She knows her place, but she’s quick, smart, and an asset to Sterling-Cooper.

Mad Men Season 1 Betty Draper

S1 Episode 13 “The Wheel.” Look at that face. Hello, my name is Betty Draper and I am a miserable woman. She’s the most stylish miserable woman I know. Wearing a striking blue coat with red lips and pearls to go to the grocery store. This coat is one of my favorite pieces from Season 1. Betty already stands out among the other housewives but this coat is powerful. Of the women Don has been with, Betty still reigns as the one with the most fire.

Want to know where Joan’s famous necklace came from or about Janie Bryant, the genius behind Mad Men’s style? Read this interview from Lucky Magazine. Costume designers do amazing things.

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