Mad Men Style – Season 2

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Season 2 featured my favorite style from the series. Betty’s equestrian style is exactly what I have been dying to add to my wardrobe.

Mad Men Season 2 Betty Draper Equestrian style

S2 Episode 1 “For Those Who Think Young.” This is Betty’s riding outerwear – cashmere coat, quilted tan leather gloves, her scarf tucked into her sweater and of course, pearls. She too pristine to have just went riding, and oh so cold. It must be hard having a husband who is disinterested. Arthur: “You’re so profoundly sad.” Betty: “No, it’s just that my people are Nordic.”

Mad Men Style

S2 Episode 1 “For Those Who Think Young.” Betty’s riding gear and outerwear are by far my favorites of all the seasons. Of course Betty would ride horses, that just adds to her princess image of being untouchable, cold, and wealthy. Here her outfit is so chic, it mixes traditional equestrian style with snooty American aristocracy. Betty certainly isn’t looking Nordic here.

Mad Men Season 2 Joan Harris and Bertram Cooper

S2 Episode 4 “Three Sundays.” I love Joan in purple and Bert Cooper is on my list of most liked characters. He never wears shoes and does whatever he wants, in an absent-minded, I’m old, rich, and successful, and now I will wear argyle socks with an argyle sweater kinda way. Here he is unhappily removing “chud” (gum) from the bottom of his sock while Joan looks on in that stunning purple sweater skirt combo. Despite how much attitude and power she exudes at work, she is just a supportive housewife in a sad marriage. Poor Joan.

Mad Men Season 2 Joan Harris and Jane Siegel / Sterling

S2 Episode 5 “The New Girl.” The blues, the girls. Notice how Jane looks like a younger Joan. Similar styling in dress shape, the scarf detail and the hair are all very Joan, except Jane is the modernized version. We see the girls at odds with one another as Joan seems to resent Jane’s lack of ambition (and her flirting with half the office) and their styles begin to diverge. Joan stays with rich colors that are fit for the business and Jane wears what will make her stand out, like a white button down blouse that could use ‘just one more button’.

Mad Men Season 2 Don and Betty Draper A Night to Remember

S2 Episode 8 “A Night To Remember.” This picture is so good. Betty looks like a child, Don treats her like a child. Even Betty’s dress with the huge colored polka-dots look childish, especially the way she is hunched over with her straps falling off her shoulders. Don is typical Don in his suit, all business, he hasn’t even taken off his jacket. He looks about ready to find a way to leave the conversation. The headboard? Fabulous. Reminds me of the this video. I love a disaster of a woman.

Mad Men Season 2 Roger Sterling and Jane Siegal Sterling

S2 Episode 9 “Six Month Leave.” Roger is always wears a double-breasted or a three-piece suit. Here, he’s in his classic uniform of a double-breasted suit with a pocket square. Like Bert Cooper, Roger’s style is rooted in the decades preceding the 60s, if Cooper is the 1920s, Roger is the 1940s. Jane is in pretty pastels crying for the second time in this episode (earlier Marilyn Monroe died, all the secretaries were in tears). Luckily Roger is there to comfort her. It seems he falls in love with every girl, what a softie.

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