Mad Men Style – Season 3

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Season 3 was particularly tumultuous at Sterling-Cooper. It also featured one of my favorite episodes, the season finale “Shut the Door. Have a Seat.”

Mad Men Season 3 Don and Betty Draper

S3 Episode 3 “My Old Kentucky Home.” Betty is glowing here in pink and white lace. She shines in aristocratic settings, and seems to feel most at ease when there’s airs to put on. Again, Betty and Don appear perfect together and at every event they are usually the couple that receives the most attention. I find it interesting that Don doesn’t look that different from a day at work. Want something similar to Betty’s dress? The Banana Republic Mad Men collection has a white dress that’s perfect for spring.

Mad Men Season 3 Betty Draper

S3 Episode 7 “Seven Twenty Three.” That mossy green with the light pinks, blues and purples is very 60’s. The print of her dress here matches the gumballs behind her. Betty is starting to explore her wants this summer, which is reflected in her outfits.

Mad Men Season 3 Don and Betty Draper in Italy

S3 Episode 8 “Souvenir.” Betty joins Don on a business trip to Rome. This look is so unlike Betty – we’ve never seen her in black or in heavy makeup before, but like any other style she works it. This is a new, confident Betty, who is embracing her power as woman for the first time. Even next to Don, who looks great in his light-colored suit and tie, she is taking all the attention. There’s no house-wife here!

Mad Men Season 3 Pete and Trudy Campbell

S3 Episode 9 “Wee Small Hours.” Pete’s wife Trudy is stealing the spotlight, but that’s not hard to do since Pete tends to look dorky when he’s dressed up. Trudy is fashion forward, and I frequently hate her very-60s accessories, particularly her “fabulous” hats. I know Allison Brie from her character on Community, and I just couldn’t get into her loving housewife character. Here however, she looks beautiful in the embroidered t-shirt style dress. It fits her age without looking too young. The embroidered bodice shows off Trudy’s shape while the colors look like the beading was put right on her skin.

Mad Men Season 3 Pete Campbell, Roger Sterling, and Don Draper

S3 Episode 13 “Shut the Door. Have a Seat.” I’m trying to remember other characters in their pajamas and Pete’s the only character that comes to mind. He’s always trying too hard or acting kinda childish about the job, so of course Roger and Don would accidentally catch him faking sickness. Roger and Don normally look more adult than Pete but here the contrast is extreme. Their wool overcoats and suits exude serious New York professional. Don’s classically cut coat fits him particularly well.

Mad Men Style Season 3 | MAD STYLE: JOAN HOLLOWAY, S3 PART 2

S3 Episode 13 “Shut the Door. Have a Seat.” When the office calls Joan in for a secret late-night meeting, the men have no choice but to twiddle their thumbs until she arrives. We rarely see Joan in pants but here she is ready to organize the otherwise lost executives. I really want your outfit Joan. The white button down, the menswear style cardigan, the black slacks and leather purse make a perfect outfit. The next step, practicing Joan’s confident and sassy walk.