Mad Men Style – Season 4

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The most entertaining season of Mad Men was Season 4. “The Suitcase” episode was by far my favorite, even over Season 3’s finale episode. Season 4 also had some of my favorite looks, so I had a very hard time narrowing the outfits to six for this post. If you’re looking for more style inspiration, here is an article all about the style of Mad Men’s favorite secondary characters from Lucky Magazine. Or if you’re interested in a ’60’s style makeup look check out this Estée Lauder Mad Men post with Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Mad Men Season 4 Bethany

S4 Episode 1 “Public Relations.” I had to feature the dress Bethany wears on her date with Don because I think it’s a beautiful piece. She looks like a movie star with the unique black fringe on the bust and glamorous necklace. We learn her dress is borrowed as she’s a struggling actress but her look is uncannily similar to Betty’s. It’s too bad we don’t see much of Bethany, she had the best wardrobe. But, if you want to see more of the actress Anna Camp just watch True Blood season 2 where she plays Sarah Newlin, the crazy, peppy, preacher’s wife.

Mad Men Style Season 4

S4 Episode 2 “Christmas Comes But Once a Year.” Cleopatra came out around this time so this outfit really fits with the Egyptian trend. It doesn’t surprise me that Jane is the one sporting this outfit to the Christmas party. After hooking up with Roger, her outfits become more and more flamboyant. It’s a lovely cream dress and looks great on Jane, she’s just hard to take seriously. Roger however, is in a traditional three-piece suit and probably unaware of the effort his young wifey has put in to her outfit.

Mad Men Season 4 Don Draper

S4 Episode 6 “Waldorf Stories.” Ah, young Don, before he was so jaded. This is a gorgeous suit and tie. The green tie with the little almost peacock shapes paired with this light gray suit with silver threads is by far my favorite Don suit. It has some personality and even whimsical details that allude to the idealism he had in the 50s. Don can do no wrong with his wardrobe, he may play it safe frequently, but he always looks put together.

Mad Men Style Season 4

S4 Episode 8 “The Summer Man.” This is the first dress that Peggy has worn that I really like. I’m actually happy she wears it multiple times in the show because it’s insanely flattering. She has never been a particularly fashion conscious character until this season. Peggy is coming into her own this dress exudes confidence. It’s fitted and the color is authoritative. Compared to Joan, who is wearing teal ruffles, Peggy looks like she’s in control.

Mad Men Style Season 4

S4 Episode 10 “Hands and Knees.”  Even as a secretary Megan steals most of Season 4 with her bright dresses. Not since Jane have we seen so many eye-catching outfits. Foreshadowing? Megan is seen in everything from canary yellow to mint green but the pinks in this dress with her skin tone and pink lips make a beautiful combination. It’s no wonder she gets noticed. I’m not even a huge fan of pink and I want this dress with its wonderful triangle detail.

Mad Men Style Season 4

S4 Episode 10 “Hands and Knees.” Betty, you look happy! What’s wrong with you? It’s probably because you’re wearing an adorable white lace top or that you created such a fashionable daughter. Ok, it’s actually because you’re excited about your daughter getting a chance to see the Beatles in concert. But I still think you’re excited because you’re hoping to make a Sally into mini-Betty. At first I thought she was wearing pajama bottoms which is more evidence that cute lace tops can go with anything. Turns out they’re preppy shorts but a lace top with pj pants is still a good idea!

Mad Men Season 5 starts tonight at 9/8c on AMC with a special two-hour premiere. Let’s see if Joan and Peggy can take their jobs a little more seriously.

Joan: Well I learned a long time ago to not get all my satisfaction from this job. 

Peggy: That’s bullshit.

Mad Men Style Season 4