Conquering Your Style Rut

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“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.” – Oscar de la Renta

I’ve been lucky to have a very style-conscious Mama. When I was a kid, she filled my closet with a wide range of stylish clothing and accessories. She’d give me a handful of outfits and accessories to pick from, but she always was careful to make sure I looked sharp. This is probably why now when I get dressed in the morning I just want to light my wardrobe on fire and start over.

Conquering Your Style Rut

The first day of school was such a big deal in my family. My Mom always took pictures of us kids. And I’m sure on this day she made sure my outfit was extra special because I was making a “first impression.” Here I am in a red high-waisted skirt, striped shirt, white sweater, white socks, red headband and my favorite, a thin black belt. I think I was six years old here and I’m wearing a thin belt with my skirt? That’s classy. Girl next to me is working her pink puffy jacket and I’m wearing white knee socks. No one else in my class wore stuff like this.

Conquering Your Style Rut

I wish I could take all the credit for this but I know my Mom was the one who only buttoned my sweater a couple of buttons so the shirt/belt would show underneath. That’s some quality styling right there. But I feel like my style peaked when I was younger. Minus the lace socks with sandals…that was a not the best choice…or was it?


I say peaked because as a kid I had a huge wardrobe; thank you Mom and Dad. But over the years as I started to buy my own clothes things would hold me back. As a kid you think, “I like that, I’m going to wear it.” You don’t have the hesitation that comes later like, “Can I wear that?” “Can I afford that?” or “Will that look good on my body?”

Conquering Your Style Rut

I wanted these tan leather hiking boots so bad! I didn’t even go hiking. Nor did I know anyone who went to Stanford. And look! I was tan! Why I wanted to be a little badass at such a young age is beyond me but damn, that dark lipstick and that attitude. Who is that girl?

I like to think my six-year-old self, who had no fear when it came to her style, has just been waiting for the right opportunity to show up again. I recently tried on a pair of short silk boudoir shorts which in the past I wouldn’t have had the confidence to even look at. They actually looked good, but unfortunately I had to leave them, even though now I wouldn’t be afraid to wear them. Part of getting through a style rut is to make the best of what you have in your closet until you can change it. When I can make those changes I plan on channeling my inner six-year-old.

When in your life has your style shined? If you feel like you’re at your best right now, what got you there? If not, what do you plan on doing to feel that way again?

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