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The few times I have been to Zara was in Europe. I only own three Zara items, but I find myself spending a lot of time on their website admiring the outfits they put together. Besides H&M, there aren’t many shops in the Seattle area that are on-trend and won’t break my piggy bank. There are certain styles I want to dip my toe into but don’t want to spend a great deal on, like these flower print shorts. So Zara, come to Seattle.

Zara Women

Leather Jacket, Tank T-Shirt, Asymmetric Pleated SkirtMetallic Sandal: When I first saw this outfit I drooled. I love the masculine/feminine mix. The tough leather jacket is just enough edge for this romantic pleated skirt. Leather jackets with skirts and dresses reads as very “cool-girl,” you just need some sunglasses and a place to be.

Zara Women

Trench Coat with Contrasting Lining, Striped Shirt, Jeans, High Heel Platform: Trench coats are wonderful in general but the fact that this one has leopard lining makes it special, or at least different. I wish I had multiple trench coats and if I did,  one with a sexy lining would be a must-have. The outfit itself is simple and classic but the styling makes it unique, the pants are rolled, the shirt is relaxed but it still has an authoritative attitude. The big cat.

Zara Women

Fantasy Blazer, Frayed Asymmetric Skirt, Thin Strap Sandals: Another outfit focused on blending masculine and feminine details. The lines on the blazer are masculine, clean, structured but the sleeves are slightly puffed which adds curve, making it look more feminine. The fringe mini-skirt skirt and strappy heels make the outfit flirty, which is exactly what the structured blazer needs.

Zara Women

Jersey Blazer, Macramé Sweater, Mint Denim, Yellow Platform Sandal: Blazers instantly dress things up. My sister-in-law Judy wore a blazer to Easter and I said “Judy! you’re so dressed up,” and she said “No I’m not, I’m just wearing a blazer.” But the blazer has magical dress-up powers, even in a casual jersey like this one. The details in the top, mint jeans, just put this in my closet.

Zara Women

Jacquard Pattern Blazer, Lace Blouse, Crochet Shorts, Yellow Platform Sandals: Neutral colored outfit in full, I have never tried this but I want to. There’s a lot of texture in this outfit. The modern button-less crepe blazer, lace top and crochet shorts shift our focus from the neutral color to the appealing depth in the fabrics.


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