In a Lavender Haze

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Personal Style Post

Theory denim jacket, Champion running tank, American Apparel chiffon skirt, Forever 21 Belt, Steve Madden Dynemite Sandals.

Last weekend was beautiful, I can only hope that means we’re going to have an awesome summer. Except for the crazy wind it was hot enough to wear a short skirt with a jacket. I really just wanted to wear my Steve Madden heels, you might’ve seen them in my Pinterest Picks – Colored Suede Shoes post. I tried to make sure the shoes were the focus so I stuck to black and blue. The jean jacket has been seen before in my Jeans and Stripes post and the tank is actually a sports top but any razorback cotton tank will work, I just liked the shape. What’s great about the American Apparel skirt is that it comes in twenty four colors, I also have it in dark red, but be careful because it’s slightly see-thru, yikes.

Personal Style Post

A jean jacket and these wayfarers calls back to the 50’s. It’s kinda cool though because I get instant attitude when I wear them. But maybe it’s because I’m like “ha, you can’t see my eyes, I’m so mysterious.”

Personal Style Post

I’m so glad I bought these shoes! They are surprisingly comfortable and I have never owned heels that were this high, they’re 5.5″ but the platform makes it easier to walk. I won’t lie to you, I am not the most coordinated person so I’m pretty sure Dan was waiting for me to break my ankle but they are really sturdy. I also bought them in black so look for that post in the near future.

Personal Style Post

I wasn’t going to post this picture, but then I noticed the arrow and I had to. Did Dan’s subconscious do this on purpose? That’s inappropriate. Look at those shoes!  They are really pretty. I put them on top of the dresser and Dan asked me if I put them there so I could just stare at them and I said yes. I’ve never been a shoe person…ch-ch-changes.

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