Zimmermann Swimwear

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Zimmermann Swimwear

A big result of having a blog has been that I’m constantly falling in love with designers and their collections. Right now I’m visually obsessed with Zimmermann – specifically their line of swimwear. I had a difficult time limiting myself on choices for this post. I adore swimming but hate swimsuit shopping. It’s worse than shopping for jeans! To give you a little info about the luxury brand: Zimmermann launched in 1991 by Australian sisters Nicky and Simone. They opened their first USA store in 2011 in LA and in 2012 a store in New York. Their ready-to-wear collection and swimwear collection both feature evolved-vintage prints that are equally sophisticated and accessible. I want the entire collection.

Zimmermann Swimwear Devoted Triangle Bra Bikini – Floral Print

Devoted Triangle Bra Bikini – Floral Print: This is a gorgeous, sick, romantic print. Rarely do I find a swimsuit that I would love to have as lingerie – usually it’s always the other way around! (Really why is lingerie in public risqué but a bikini isn’t? They show all the same skin!) There’s also the Devoted Floral-Print Ruffled Bikini, the Devoted Scalloped Bikini, and my other favorite the Devoted Floral-Print One Piece Swimsuit.

Zimmermann Swimwear Devoted Triangle Bra Bikini – Black

Devoted Triangle Bra Bikini – Black: A sexy as hell bikini that reminds me of what I should already have in my underwear drawer. Black swimsuits are insanely flattering; they’re the easiest to pull off and swimsuits are not easy. Plus, it’s dramatic, so work on your tan while plotting revenge and listening to Florence and the Machine’s Seven Devils. Fan of black swimwear? Check out the Belted Ruched Bandeau Swimsuit.

Zimmermann Swimwear Savannah Belted Drape 1pc - Tearose Print

Savannah Belted Drape 1pc – Tearose Print: Beautiful, mysterious, retro, southern style. I’m thinking a bit of James Bond thrown into the ladylike south. That this print is Savannah related and I am dreaming of my possible future in Savannah could be why I am obsessed with it…maybe. If you’re looking for a two-piece check out the Savannah Bandeau Bikini.

Zimmermann Swimwear Savannah Frill Underwire Bikini - Tearose Print

Savannah Frill Underwire Bikini – Tearose Print: This is glamour on crack. The cut of the suit is both sexy and classic while the floral print makes it an Alice in Wonderland tea party embodied in a modern swimsuit.  Love this print? Take a look at the Savannah Rectangle Link Bikini and the cute Savannah Frill Rash Guard Top.

Zimmermann Swimwear Avery Stud Underwire Bikini - White Avery Print

Avery Stud Underwire Bikini – White Avery Print: This bikini is fighting me on if it wants to be a pretty lounger or a surf goddess (I have crazy respect for surfers, they’re so ballsy). It needs the beach and maybe a rash guard. Speaking of rash guards – If you love the Avery print take a look at this Avery Print Rash Guard Top or if you’re looking for a different style this Avery Stud Triangle Bikini.

Zimmermann Swimwear Avery Stud Underwire Bikini - Black Avery Print

Avery Stud Underwire Bikini – Black Avery Print: This is the evil sexy twin to the white Avery print. It requires a late night swim in the “closed” pool. They forgot the sign saying “Closed for Private Party.” Love two piece suits? There’s also the Avery Frill Bandeau Bikini. More of a one piece girl? Check out the super sexy Avery Studded One Piece and Avery Tuning Wire One Piece.

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