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This weekend seemed really busy even though it wasn’t any more busy than any of the previous weekends. It flew by. Until last night’s Mad Men (spoilers but great review). I’m still reeling and if you’ve seen it then you know why. Dan and I were incredibly disturbed. The season finale of Game of Thrones was spooky too, although I feel the season could have been a lot stronger had the budget been used for more than just the last two episodes (more dragons please!). Pinterest Picks will be up tomorrow because I didn’t want to half-ass it. I need to search for some more pieces worn by a certain celebrity I have a massive style crush on…can you guess who?

Yesterday I had an awesome brunch at BOKA with @Jess_Tupper – from Ricochet Biscuit and Food Ninja for CraveLocal. Jess has great energy and we probably would’ve spent the entire afternoon brainstorming if we could so we planned to meet up again soon. After brunch Dan and I went to Anthropologie in UVillage and I snapped some pics in the dressing room. Most of the photos are of pieces that Dan picked out – except for the Peter Pan shirt – and all of them were crazy comfortable. You haven’t seen my face in awhile so why not?

Anthropologie Ace & Jig Sea-Lined Skirt

Anthropologie Ace & Jig Sea-Lined Skirt: I feel like Dan picked this out as a joke because I can’t see him liking this. It’s a really soft skirt and easy to wear but I felt like a kindergarten teacher in it. Not my style but would look cute on someone else like the stylish teacher/blogger Veronika from Tick Tock Vintage.

Anthropologie Metamorphism Blouse

Metamorphism Blouse: The Peter Pan shirt!! Doesn’t it remind you of Peter Pan? Dan did not approve but I really enjoyed trying this on while plotting a dance off against my shadow. There is nothing wrong with wearing a shirt that makes you feel like a Disney character as long as it’s comfy and you don’t actually try to fly.

Anthropologie Bailey 44 Under And Over Dress

Anthropologie Bailey 44 Under And Over Dress: An easy jersey dress that comes in gray, moss, navy, and black. This is a really versatile piece to have in the closet – every girl needs a dress she can throw on at anytime. You could wear it as a bathing suit coverup, on a grocery store run with a jean jacket, jewelry, and ballet flats, or a movie date with a leather jacket and booties.

Anthropologie Girls From Savoy Apiary Tank

Anthropologie Girls From Savoy Apiary Tank: I look so severe! This corset top was my favorite piece. It’s so cool. It has a very low back which makes bra wearing difficult but the straps are adjustable by tightening the bow to wherever you need. So smart. You can feel that it’s well made and sturdy – perfect for barbeques and boat rides or any preppy social event on your calendar.

  • Theresa Tollefson
    June 4, 2012

    I like the Bailey 44 under and over dress on you. “Classic and Beautiful” just like you!

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