Little Things I’m Loving

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My whole life is changing – so much is going on and I’m freaking out! But there’s a lot of awesome stuff happening too. I just need to realize that I cannot control everything, and it is all going to work out. Even though I somehow need to find a place to live and a job in Savannah from here in Washington, life is actually really good. Here are a few things I’m loving.

Little Things I'm Loving

This was an impulse buy at World Market and it turned out to be a great choice. I’m not a huge candy person but I like having a sweet or two on hand for when I get a craving. These taste like a weird healthier version of green apple sour straws – bizarre. Darrell Lea Green Apple Licorice.

Little Things I'm Loving

My life is revolving around this right now and it’s probably going to annoy everyone, but soon I won’t be living in Washington and everything will change because of this school. Did I mention that I have never even been to the south? Yeah, I’m that girl, the one that moves across the country to somewhere she’s never been. Holy balls!

Little Things I'm Loving

So Dan eats massive amounts of chocolate and stays really fit and it makes me angry. No, I’m kidding he works out like a mad person. It only makes me angry when he eats all of the really yummy chocolate in the house. Which happens…all the time. We end up buying a lot of chocolate because of this and I feel we’ve become experts. This is our new favorite. Dark coconut toffee chocolate – two of my favorite things in a chocolate bar.

Little Things I'm Loving

Anthropologie Belgo Lux In Stitches Belt and J.Crew Snakeskin Belt in Sheer Mint. I’m obsessed with these belts, especially the mint one. It’s perfect with jeans and every time I see it I smile because it’s a color that makes me happy. The braided belt is shorter so it’s great for dresses or blousy tops. What I love about the braided belt is that it doesn’t have set holes so you can easily adjust it depending on your outfit.

Little Things I'm Loving

This stuff is addictive. Lemonade is scrumptious too but limeade…oooh baby! I love citrus. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again. Lemon or lime anything is the way to my heart. Poolside, BBQ, anything that involves sunshine needs this juice.

5 Songs I’m Obsessing Over:

Yelle – Safari Disco Club (The video is silly. I love her lion shirt)

Gang Gang Dance – Mindkilla (Really weird but I’m obsessed)

Bassnectar – Empathy (We have the same birthday!!)

Michael Jackson – Hollywood Tonight (DJ Chuckie Remix Edit) (Ah Michael)

Santigold – Disparate Youth (Santigold and Dan share the same birthday. I like birthdays)

And this gif:

  • The Lady Boyle
    June 20, 2012

    Loved the list and was not expecting the GIRLS gif. That made the post, in my opinion.

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