Breaking Up With Cheese

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Yesterday, Dan and I were discussing our eating habits and where we could do better. And I said that I know my dinner portions are usually too big and he agreed and said, “You love cheese. You’re lactose intolerant but you love cheese.”

I do love cheese. Oh holy cow am I a cheese fan. Though this is easier said than done, I figured it would be easier to limit my cheese intake than it would be to try to shrink my portion size at dinner. We have the same breakfast and lunch every day so dinner tends to be the only meal I look forward to.

So I am limiting cheese to Dan’s AMAZING cheesy eggs and our occasional cheese and meat picnics. No more sneaking cheese from our fairly vacant fridge or putting cheese on my sandwich for lunch and no more demanding that I have all the cheese because I am the Cheese Queen! I’m not giving it up, I’m just being more aware of how many times I eat cheese – my star-crossed lover. Now I am going to be mean and post a lot of delicious pictures of cheese. I love you too.

Recipes with Cheese

Grilled soft cheese with thyme honey and fresh figs.

Recipes with Cheese

Ham and brie sandwich.

Mario Batali's bacon, burrata, and escarole crostini | Cupcakes and Cashmere | Cheese recipes

Mario Batali’s bacon, burrata, escarole crostini.

Recipes with Cheese

Italian cheese board.

Recipes with Cheese

Three-cheese pizza.

Recipes with Cheese

Grilled baguette with cambozola, pear and chanterelles.