Pinterest Picks – Inspired by Margherita Missoni’s Wedding Headpiece

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Margherita Missoni's Wedding Headpiece

Margherita Missoni recently married racecar driver Eugenio Amos but all I really care about is her crazy gorgeous Giambattista Valli gown and hippie vintage headpiece. I haven’t been this excited about a wedding ensemble since Kate Moss’s wedding last year, and actually the out there-ness of Margherita’s outfit is making me wonder why we don’t all don gypsy crowns and float around in long romantic dresses. Oh, you work in an office setting too? Well, it was a good thought.

Margherita Missoni's Wedding Headpiece

After the ceremony she changed into a blush version of her dress and a flower crown. If this is more your style than the princess-y, hippie headpiece, then check out this Free People Mulberry Rose Crown or get inspiration for a DIY flower crown. Otherwise check out these less hippie, more Cinderella headpieces.
Erickson Beamon Ice Age Headpiece

Erickson Beamon Ice Age Headpiece: Dan thinks this headpiece looks like something Jenny from Forest Gump would wear, though I think it looks like a viking crown or something from Princess Bride. It’s gaudy for sure, but that’s even better.

Deepa Gurnani Ivory Crystal Headband

Deepa Gurnani Ivory Crystal Headband: Incredibly simple, versatile piece. It kinda looks like a crown but also just an amazing sparkly headband that’s not limited to your big day. Pair it with a long, unstructured braid and a chambray dress.

Deepa Gurnani Gold Statement Stretch Headband

Deepa Gurnani Gold Statement Stretch Headband: Medieval inspired with an exotic twenties feel. It’s a very sultry piece that would fit in a dimly lit, velvety atmosphere with a drink that warms up a slinky dress. It’s a demure bat of a well-mascaraed eyelash and a piece that says “Yes, you’re in for trouble.”

The Classic Crystal, Sequin and Bead Petal Bandeau- Mini

The Classic Crystal Sequin and Bead Petal Bandeau – Mini: For a barefoot wedding ceremony with a jam band playing in the background and everything DIY. Complete with drinks in mason jars, bags of confetti leaves and baby cactus party favors.

Johanna Johnson Garland Crown

Johanna Johnson Garland Crown: “Princess Guinevere seducing Lancelot…drama like First Knight” – Dan. Sometimes I wish Dan would just make all the comments because I say “look at this beautiful, intricate piece” and he makes a Guinevere trying to “get some” joke.

Johanna Johnson Susannah Headpiece

Johanna Johnson Susannah Headpiece: “Waiting for Gatsby to make a move.” Perfect flapper girl, roaring twenties glamour. This style is very romantic but there’s something edgy about the flapper style, that independent vibe that says you’ll Charleston his pants right off!