Biking In Style

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Biking In Style

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Let me begin this post by saying I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO RIDE A BIKE! Shocking, I know. So why am I writing a post about fashionable bike attire? Because the one thing I have heard about getting around in Savannah is that it’s great for biking. “Oh it takes five minutes to bike to class.” “I usually just bike to the store.” “If you have a bike, it’s super easy to get around.” “You don’t need a car, just a bike.” Well folks, I have neither a car nor bike and it sounds like I might have to suck it up and learn how to ride one. Wait, it’s not that I can’t learn how to ride one, it’s all balance and motion, easy-peasy, yes, I understand, but I’m a wuss. If you fall off a horse just get right back on and all that . Well, I trust a horse more than I trust myself to ride a bike. But I think it’s time. And maybe if I don’t suck I can join the world of fashionable bikers like the beauties above. So effortless, casual, ladylike, sexy.

1. Marc Jacobs Printed Cotton-blend Dress: Garden party? Just toss your purse and a pair of great heels in your basket and throw on some cheap flats to wear as you ride – either some super efficient foldable flats or a pair you won’t mind leaving in your basket while you go party. Though if you’re a real pro maybe you can pedal OK in heels… bike riders, thoughts?

2. ASOS Ruby Rocks Floral Print Dress: This frock requires braided leather sandals and brunch. Order a mimosa (or two) and go walk around an outdoor flea market until your lovely buzz leaves you with a few cute vintage necklaces.

3. J.Crew Drapey Elbow Tee: The perfect white elbow length tee in comfy cotton. I’d be happy with this tee in every color but the white is perfect for a warm bike ride and will go with whatever shorts you’re loving this summer.

4. Anthropologie Jacoba Chemise: A coverup for your short bike ride to the beach, lake, local swimming hole. Honestly, this would be the first thing I’d want to throw on after a lazy inner-tube ride. I’m thinking Austin, TX.

5. Anthropologie Rolo Crossback Dress: You get a call from your friend to meet them at seriously the best taco truck in town. You’ll be right there and looking quite cute in this dress. Extra points for the sexy exposed back.

6. Anthropologie Veda Skirted Tee: Not your regular striped shirt – this lovely is rocking a peplum. For a stripe lover like me this shirt is in my comfort zone but still something new.  A step up from casual – this piece is comfortable and a smidge feminine.

7. ASOS Full Mini Skirt in Mint: I haven’t gotten over my mint obsession yet. Maybe because it’s one of those colors that instantly puts you in a good mood. You’re likely not going to turn down any invites for ice-cream, popsicles, iced coffee while wearing this uplifting skirt.

8. ASOS Puffball Mini Skirt in Scenic Print: This skirt can go casual with a relaxed tank or ladylike with a fitted neck-tie blouse. Mix this with other prints and grab a bouquet for a ultra feminine ride to a picnic in the park.