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Chan Marshall

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I love Chan Marshall aka Cat Power – her poetic music, her easy style. If you know anything about Chan Marshall, you know that she has not had a very easy relationship with her career. It’s true she’s not for everyone, but she pours so much of herself into her music that you really get to know her. Her sound is kind of heartbreaking and has a roughness to it that makes her special. I have definitely listened to her music driving home after a breakup. Though let’s all just admit we have music for that scenario. She has since changed her life, chopped off her locks and I suppose found happiness which is great but I prefer her older (sadder) songs. Not that she doesn’t have some great work ahead of her, but as a writer I have a hard time putting out my best creative work when I’m happy (so do many others). I just tend to think the “happy” writing is cliche and robotic. Anyway this does not change the fact that Chan Marshall is a very gifted artist with a style that I admire and covet

First, her hair – the heavy bangs with her long locks in either sexy bedhead roughness or sleek and shiny has that rocker chick vibe. Her makeup tends to be that 2nd day look of a smudgy gray, brown or black smokey eye with very natural nude lips. And her style is “I don’t give a s**t,” but not in a sloppy way, just with a maddening natural coolness because she picks the right things. By her body language you can tell she’s comfortable and never looks overdone. She’s that minimalist chick who throws on the nearest pair of jeans and a couple beloved rings and looks great. I hate/love that.

1. Cat Power – The Greatest

2. Cat Power – Sea Of Love

3. Cat Power – Free

4. Cat Power – The Werewolf

Chan Marshall style

1. Isabella Oliver Essential Jersey Shirt

2. True Religion Billy Straight Leg Jean (cheaper, cheapest)

3. Minnetonka Aruba Coral Sandals

4. Alexander McQueen Green Printed Scarf (similar from ModCloth)

Chan Marshall style

1. Vanessa Bruno Black Silk Dress

2. ASOS Hybrid Dress With Deep V-Neck And Pleated Peplums

3. RGB Polish in Oxblood

4. ASOS Just Acces Fami Ring

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