Lazy but Sexy Summer Outfits

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Sexy Summer Outfits

T-shirt and Sequins: photo source (here)

1. MAC Eyeshadow Copperplate

2. Fresh Sugar Plum Lip Treatment

3. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

4. Light-grey Cut Out V-neck High Low Short Sleeve T-shirt

5. Lulu Frost Crystal and Resin Spike Necklace

6. Milly Classic Sequined Georgette Mini Skirt – (similar)

Sexy Summer Outfits

T-Shirt and Leather: photo source (here)

1. nOir Pyramid and Spike Station Cord Necklace

2. MAC Lipstick Diva

3. MAC Nail Lacquer Faint of Heart

4. Topshop Basic Neppy Tee

5. ASOS Metal Bar Detail Envelope Clutch

6. Oasis Faux Leather Pleated Skirt

It is a hot summer night and you get invited last minute to some “thing.” It’s so frickin hot that even wearing a bra honestly sounds like too much work. You’re laying around half naked, sticking to the couch, staring at the ceiling fan because doing anything else might make you break a sweat. If you’re going to put effort into anything its going to be makeup, so what do you wear? You’re already wearing a random t-shirt but how about wearing it with a leather or sequined miniskirt. Why the hell not? The key here is to have a seriously gorgeous necklace and either a sexy smokey eye or classic dark red lip. The sexiest outfit for a hot summer night is a combination of extremely casual (read: lazy) and dressy pieces.