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Dan spent a fair amount of time over the last two weeks watching Wimbledon. He likes tennis and particularly Roger Federer. But all I took from it was that British ladies have gorgeous hair, to the point of hating them for having such luscious, shiny hair. No, no, that’s mean. I admire them. Kim Sears, Andy Murray’s girlfriend was beautifully tearful when Andy got emotional during his post-final interview and I swear she looked like Eva Green. From what I read about Kim she sounds like a sweet, charming girl who paints pictures of dogs (and other things) and has her own website and blog.

Then of course, we have the Middleton sisters and their fancy pants lovely blowouts. There are “blowout bars” around the country, but if you don’t have the dough like these sisters, there are quite a few sites that explain how to get Kate Middleton’s hair. I have provided two video tutorials at the bottom of this post that show how to emulate the Kate, Pippa and Kim look. As I was researching the Kate Middleton look I came across a site advising Kate to chop her locks. I was so appalled! The site said it would give her a more “dignified” look, but pish posh to that! Keep your lovely lady locks Kate!

Wimbledon Hair

Kim Sears looking carefree and beautiful! (talkSport)

Kim Sears crying Wimbledon Hair

Look at that, still beautiful when she cries. It was a very heartfelt moment. (SportsStarsImage)

Wimbledon 2012 final: quivering Duchess keeps her cool in front of the crying Scot | Wimbledon Hair

Pippa and Kate Middleton looking kinda mischievous. (

Wimbledon Hair

Pippa and Kate Middleton having some sisterly bonding time. (

Kate Middleton Hair Tutorial: Loose Curls! – TheStyleDiet

Flat Iron Tutorial – Nurberxo