Hung Out in the Desert and Didn’t Take Enough Pictures

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I know, lame. But I didn’t want to kill my camera phone by dropping it in the icy cold glacier lake! I snapped a few shots on the drive there and back and from our trip to Cider Works but other than that I just enjoyed the sunshine, my friends, way too many peanut butter smeared Oreos, a bit of hard apple cider, and not being glued to my computer. I’m grossly obsessed with the internet but sometimes you need a break.

One of the highlights of the trip was boating upstream to Rio Vista winery. We dropped anchor, jumped ashore, and enjoyed a free tasting – and as it turns out the wine was really good! I was surprised by how many of their white wines I enjoyed – usually I am a red girl. A few of the wines Dan and I liked were the: Wacky White 2011, Sunset on the River 2011, and the Chardonnay 2011.

Lake Entiat Vacation

(Sunset in Wenatchee, My disgusted face after seeing someone man-handle a little puppy too roughly, The best cider slushy and cider doughnut from Cider Works, Lake Entiat on our way home, Dan not wanting to get his photo taken)

In other news:

IFB updated their site and lost at least 140 messages from people that I hadn’t gotten to yet. The site looks great but I feel bad because all of those people are left with unanswered messages. I’m really sorry!

– I recently started using Instagram and love it. I’d love to follow you so come find me: styleandcheek.

– I bought my ticket to Savannah! I’m moving August 30th. Big changes for me and for the blog, so hopefully you enjoy my journey from the Pacific Northwest to the Deep South!

  • Victoria | Haute
    July 18, 2012

    I completely understand not wanting to ruin your camera, but it sure does suck when you get to a beautiful place and don’t have one to capture the moment!!

    • Style & Cheek
      July 18, 2012

      I know, I should just buy a waterproof case for it.

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