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The idea of wearing anything thicker than a wispy cotton dress sounds awful right now, so when my Mom requested I write about Fall trends 2012 I gave a long stubborn sigh. I completely understand that people need to shop for their Fall wardrobe in summer but I’m in the middle of planning a move to the 100 degree 100% humidity South so I had to redirect my view entirely. Thankfully, Fall 2012 has a lot of beautiful options and I’m digging quite a few of them. Here is an overview of eight of my favorite styles from the runways. I’ll be writing a post on each style in the next few weeks so look out for those.

Vogue's Guide to Fall 2012 Fashion Equestrian Elegance Etro Milan | Fall Trends 2012

Luxe Equestrian with Etro: Harnesses, riding boots, breeches, show coats – it’s all here. Think horseback riding attire in the most luxurious fabric with your best jewelry and accessories. Or wear your riding boots to your fanciest event of the week. How jarring of a combination can you make by mixing your military/masculine equestrian pieces with luxurious, feminine ones while still looking beautiful? Its about blurring lines and being unique.

Michael Kors Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear Look 39 | Fall Trends 2012

Leather Everyday with Michael Kors: Leather isn’t leaving. Get on the bandwagon because we are far beyond the regular staples like leather jacket, gloves, bags, etc. Start looking at leather from a different perspective. The shapes are becoming more feminine, more sophisticated – introduce them to your every day wardrobe instead of hiding them in the back of your closet to save for alter-ego Halloween parties.


Michael Kors Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear | Fall Trends 2012

Sheath It Is with Michael Kors: A sheath dress is one of the sexiest pieces a woman can own. Why? Because though it covers, it does not hide much. Whatever figure you have will be flaunted in a fitted sheath dress. This is good and bad. Thicker fabric lets you get away with many sins but if you’re going for lace like this dramatic dress then you best work it. The ladylike look is one of my favorites because it’s so much sexier and mysterious than bearing it all.

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear Look 59 | Fall Trends 2012

Blatant Baroque with Dolce & Gabbana: It’s all or nothing. This is really what I hope for when Fall/Winter creeps up. People going all out in rich textured fabrics and prints like we’re in some bizarro world of Game of Thrones meets Marie Antoinette (neither of which are baroque – Marie Antoinette came after baroque and was part of the transition from Rococo to Neoclassicism). But just imagine Marie Antoinette shaped dresses in dark embroidery/prints with a heavy cloak and wolves at your side. Is that not impressive?

Christian Siriano Fall Ready-to-Wear Look 19 | Fall Trends 2012

Oxblood, Wine, Burgundy with Christian Siriano: All variations of this color are game for Fall 2012. Even for lipsticks, nail polish and shoes. This color dominated the runway, as it should. This is an insanely flattering, rich color with shades that work for all skin tones. Usually Fall is all about jewel-tones but this is rustier, deeper, and browner so it has a bit more depth. If you’re afraid to go all out on this rustic shade then try it on your nails first and then work up that color confidence.

The Global Aristocrat J. Crew THE NEW YORK RUNWAY REPORT: FALL 2012 | Fall Trends 2012

Never Fear the Print with J.Crew: Similar to the feeling of Blatant Baroque and opposite of Luxe Equestrian – by making the detailed pattern/print/fabric the main piece in your outfit the big bad world of prints is your oyster. A lot of Fall 2012 involves having the gall to wear these styles. If you do wear an excessive amounts of prints ground it with a sturdy piece, either a single colored bag or jacket like the outfit here.

Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear Look 9 | Fall Trends 2012

Tangerine, Tangerine with Rebecca Minkoff: Living reflection from a dream… For those who just got into brights and are resisting fall colors, here’s a solution for you. Tangerine! It’s already been around covering courageous lips but now it’s full blown thanks to Pantone, our color experts. This is best on it’s own in a monochromatic combination or mixing it with prints – see above. The only way to avoid looking like a pumpkin while wearing black and orange is to stick with simple, modern shapes.


Plentiful Peplums with Peter Som: Like leather, peplums are staying for fall. Actually, go find a leather peplum! What a great combo. Not as great as this combination though. This shade, the slit and the peplum make an insanely elegant design that’s drool worthy. Whether you’re sporting a bit of flounce on a jacket, top, skirt or dress it gives an outfit character and class.