Pinterest Picks – Hair and Makeup Tutorials

By Monday, July 30, 2012 0 Permalink

When I first started Pinterest I became obsessed with the hair and makeup tutorials. There are just so many because it’s a great place to showcase them. I’ve picked out two hair tutorials and two makeup tutorials that I really love – the two hairstyles I find incredibly helpful because I suck at hair and the makeup tutorials are helpful for those who want to dip their toe into an edgier look. I started this post last night and was delighted to see this FAQ video post from The Small Things Blog as I was eating breakfast.

Cherry Dollface Vintage Everyday Beehive Bouffant: Are you shy about teasing? I am! It’s amazing how much teasing you need to get this look. I am a fan of straight hair so anything really big scares me – also due to my insanely flat hair it’s impossible to get big hair without a lot of work. So this is a great tutorial for those who are shy about how much damage they do to their hair. Just go for it! Attack your hair!  You always can smooth it down once it’s ready to be pinned into the sexy bouffant shape.

Heyyy June Perfect Loose Waves Hair Tutorial (Lauren Conrad Curls): I found this tutorial when I was searching for Kate Middleton hair but felt it was too curly for a Kate Middleton look, though in general I think it’s gorgeous. I’ve never used a clipless curler but am curious because they seem to be great if you don’t want to take a lot of time to curl your hair. She says she isn’t good at hair tutorials but I can use any help I can get! At one point she even uses dry shampoo and maybe I am just out of the loop but I definitely thought “oh that’s how you work it in!” I just assumed that you were supposed to look like you worked in a bakery where flour explodes on your head…and this is why I watch these videos.

Pixiwoo Lily Collins Makeup Tutorial: I am a huge fan of black liner. I wear it every day. Love it. However, the way I do it looks a lot less intense than this and I try (emphasis on try) to get a thin line just to define the eyes. But this look is one I always come back to. It’s incredibly sexy and can show off stunner eyes. But if you’re not careful you can look like a raccoon which is never, ever sexy. There’s a fine line – don’t cross it. Personally, I would modify this look for fall by using a sheer rose or wine color on the lips – just something a bit warmer.

Lisa Eldridge: Trend – Dark Lipstick: This video is a few years old but it’s still relevant for the Fall 2012 trends. I would pick a darker burgundy or gothic wine color over the colors she uses here, but this tutorial is great at illustrating how to apply dark lipstick and showcase them without looking like you got punched in the mouth. This is definitely difficult, because much like the raccoon eyes, you can overdo your lips and end up looking garish (although there are ways to do a clean smokey eye with these lips). But don’t be scared of dark lips, they can look incredibly sensual, mysterious, and even glamorous.