The Union of Fashion Bloggers

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I’ve been feeling fairly edgy lately – between worrying about finances, checking things off my moving list, and looking for job prospects in  Savannah, I’ve been over-thinking non-stop. And then there’s Style and Cheek’s progress… or lack thereof. I have a view of what I want my blog life to be like and unfortunately that vision is not matching the reality. I’m frustrated and over-analyzing the blogging world. I know that now is not the time for a pity party because as Dan says I need to remember that I’m still new.

Which brings me to my gripe: what is with bigger style bloggers not appreciating their blogger fans as much as their regular fans? To the point where it’s not even wanted. Am I not allowed to be a fan of someone else’s blog if I have a blog too?  At times it feels like trying to give my Dad love but he just assumes I’m being sweet because I want something from him.

Here are my theories on why the “big” bloggers give the small fry the side-eye of “what do you want?” –

They’re just too busy: They’re receiving so many emails, tweets, shares, etc., that they don’t have time to respond to everything. The bigger and more successful your blog, the less time you have to spend on responding to fan mail. I can see how it could be overwhelming. But still, some bloggers, some HUGE bloggers, do make time and are very gracious while others…well they ain’t got no time to be gracious when they are busy being fabulous.

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They think you’re creepy because you’ve liked way too many of their posts but you’re not friends: Oops. Guilty. I love blogs. With a big L to the O to the V and E. Before I became a blogger I bookmarked all my favorites and would go to them on a daily basis. I still pretty much do this except now my list is significantly longer and I found Bloglovin’ which keeps track of unread posts (something my brain can’t really keep up with).

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They think you’re trying to get a jump off their success: This is the biggest pisser-offer of my theories. I am a blogger, yes. If I become as successful as you then that would be awesome. BUT I am not trying to leech off you. I am just a really big fan and want to express my in-aweness of your blog or share your great post with others because it’s that good. You’re welcome.

I think I mostly buy into this last one.  I’ve never been a fan of competition, and the over-protectiveness that I think some bloggers have for their success borders on paranoia, as if other bloggers are trying to pull them down. That American need to be “the best,” or in this case a “top blogger,”  is why I’d always quit sports when I was a kid. I have an ego, and I want to kick ass but I want others to kick ass too. What we should really be doing is building each other up! Isn’t that why we have places like IFB or blogs with blogrolls of their favorite sites or blogging conferences? Call me an idealist but I don’t feel like I’m in competition with other fashion bloggers, at worst we’re peers and at best we draw inspiration from each other. So where is the solidarity?

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