Pinterest Picks – What We Can Learn From David Bowie

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Oh David Bowie. This all started the other day while listening to Fame (my favorite Bowie song) when Dan told me that he thinks all Aquarians are into David Bowie (I’m an aquarius/pisces cusp btw for all those who are into it). But it is true that the Bowie songs I love instantly put me in a good mood. As his music seems to do for many!

There are those who don’t like 80’s David Bowie, but hello? It’s called The Labyrinth. Come on now – “You remind me of the babe. What babe? The babe with the power. What power? The power of voodoo. Who do? You do. Do what? Remind me of the babe.” That was my childhood! I admit, Ziggy Stardust is the real star here, but we cannot deny a man who can work a double cat-eye liner and codpiece. David Bowie has always had the confidence to be whoever he wanted during his career and adopt any persona (and style). So I put together some style advice we can take from Mr. Bowie.

And a few David Bowie songs for you:

1. Fame

2. Golden Years (also in A Knight’s Tale)

3. Let’s Dance

4. Magic Dance (clip from The Labyrinth)

5. Changes


Show your stripes. Both literally and figuratively. Stripes are one of the classiest, easiest patterns to wear. They’re everywhere and always interesting, and even pair nicely with faux space age hair. Seriously could anybody else (besides Joan Jett) pull off that hair style? Only Bowie could rock a black and white striped jacket with monster lapels and a strawberry mullet.

The Labyrinth

Don’t be afraid to enhance your figure…Yes, I am referring to Bowie’s codpiece in The Labyrinth. That codpiece is almost as famous as the character it’s attached to. So what’s my point? Shamelessly enhancing your natural appearance with the right wardrobe choices is kind of what fashion is all about. So if you’re embarrassed about wearing spanx, don’t be, just remember “killer waist.”

funky prints

Pattern is your friend. Bowie did not shy way from bold, colorful patterns and neither should you. Giant donut wristbands on the other hand might be best saved for Halloween. Though there are few occasions where wearing a 1-shoulder/1-leg onesie is OK in public, bright Navajo-inspired patterns always make a statement.


And while you’re at it – mix your prints. Not only did he wear prints, David Bowie wore different prints together. Creatively clashing prints is appealing to the eye because it almost gives the illusion of movement. Like you’re wearing liquid. And because your eye never settles on one area combining prints tends to be very flattering.

Ziggy Stardust

Be unique. You’re probably thinking, how can you tell me to be unique after giving specific style advice. Because, above all else you should not be afraid to be yourself. Follow David Bowie’s example: Embrace your inner freak. Experiment. Brush off the haters. And do what feels right.

Do what you want