Parenthood Season 4 Episode 1 Family Portrait Review

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The second episode of season 4 of Parenthood is on tonight. Dan and I watched the season premiere last week and spent most of it with pillows over our heads – not kidding. We hate uncomfortable scenes and 90% of Parenthood is made up of uncomfortable scenes. Literally cringe worthy, even more so than all of the scenes between Julia (Debra Messing) and Michael (Will Chase) in season 1 of Smash. Ugh.

Parenthood is so painful to watch that it kinda doesn’t make sense to watch it at all…there are literally three likable characters (the grandparents Zeek and Camille and Kristen Bell’s real life boyfriend Dax Shepard (Kristen Bell’s sloth birthday)), and even they can get on my nerves, particularly when Crosby (Dax) is mindlessly rambling about whatever. Amber, I mean Ann from Arrested Development (Her?) is the easiest character to not hide from when on screen, despite her uber-hipster-androgynous style and total lack of self-esteem. She’s becoming easier to like, surprisingly.

So why do we watch? Because Parenthood is a well made show that features a total train wreck of a family and you know exactly what is about to happen and you start yelling at the characters to change course and avert and they just never do. It’s frustrating but addictive… I’m sure we’ll watch tonight’s episode and decide Parenthood is the most frustrating show ever, and we’re done with it, but somehow we’ll still end up watching it next week.

Parenthood Family Portrait

This scene was not cringe-worthy. It was actually a heartfelt scene between Amber and her Uncle Adam where she tells him that it’s ok if she sleeps with one of the band members and it turns out he has a girlfriend. No need to play parent because she’s old enough to make potentially bad decisions. Tear.

Parenthood Family Portrait

These two are definitely going to hook up. Then he’ll have to photoshop her young fiance out of the family photo but it’s ok because he’s a better father figure to her son (or so alludes the trailer for tonight’s episode).