Pinterest Picks – DIY Pumpkin Ideas

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October! I love fall and Halloween and with that comes pumpkins. Unfortunately, I suck at carving pumpkins. I’m not very knife savvy and my pumpkin faces are as creative as cutting a triangle here, here and here. This year I am definitely going to carve one or two, and despite Dan’s Scrooge reaction to Halloween, he’s actually interested in making a pumpkin masterpiece (of what, I have no idea). Because I’m so jack-o-lantern challenged, I’m leaning on Pinterest to learn some new ways to decorate and use pumpkins. A glitter pumpkin might just be the only way to outshine Dan’s “masterpiece.” For more fall inspiration check out my Everything Fall Pinterest board.

Glittered Pumpkin | Pinterest Picks - DIY Pumpkin Ideas

Glitter pumpkin! All you need is crafting glue, paper to put under the pumpkin so you don’t explode glitter all over your house, and glitter in the color of your choice. You can do full glitter pumpkin or just the top – both look great.

Gold pumpkin with address | Pinterest Picks - DIY Pumpkin Ideas

This is so classy, I wish I had a porch where I could put a golden address pumpkin. And the black pumpkins are kinda spooky. All of it looks great with the black planter and red front door. I like when pretty things are easy to make.

DIY Pumpkin Place Cards | Pinterest Picks - DIY Pumpkin Ideas

This is such an adorable place card holder! Brown, orange, red, yellow and black  are obvious for a fall inspired table, so this chrome, soft gold is elegant and contrasts with what you might have expected. Plus, the table for this little pumpkin looks romantic.

Pumpkin Decorating | Pinterest Picks - DIY Pumpkin Ideas

I would have never thought to put bright, colorful, rich flowers into a light colored pumpkin! I love it. I think it looks beautiful. It’s an easy centerpiece, just carve out the inside of the pumpkin, put in a vase or cup to hold the flowers and bam! Pumpkin bouquet.