Dear Dan, I Know Your Birthday Was Sept. 25th

By Thursday, October 4, 2012 2 Permalink

But it didn’t go as planned. And then you hurt your back so we didn’t celebrate last weekend like we’d hoped. This weekend though, we will eat and be merry. I’ve probably just jinxed it. This isn’t your official birthday post either – just a thank you.

Fig, prosciutto crostini from Barking Frog | Happy Birthday Dan

I love you more than the amazing food we eat. And we eat damn well thanks to our food snobbish tastes (well, you started it).

Dan and I | Happy Birthday Dan

And I know that you’ll always have my back (and I’ll have yours – Mama Lion). And even though we take horrible pictures together I won’t stop trying to capture some of our goofy Dan/Julia moments.

This year has been up and down but thank you for being such a big part of Style and Cheek. I really don’t think I would have done it without your push – which is something you love doing. Even though I am a pain in the ass and you are the mean one, I love you. Happy Birthday.

Your Theme Song – I Do My Thing – Kid Cudi feat Snoop Dogg

I’m livin in my own world and if they hate I let them…

I chill back and I spread peace and love yeah

We livin’

We happy

They mad

Kid Cudi I kind of just do what I want