Dan’s Belated Birthday Brunch

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This past weekend Dan and I went to Peso’s in Seattle to celebrate Dan’s very belated birthday. He’s been there a few times but this was my first, but definitely not my last, visit. The “birthday boy,” told me I couldn’t order anything healthy…probably to make himself feel better for ordering caramel french toast and chipotle eggs benedict, so I ordered steak and eggs. Also, Dan took these photos when I went to use the restroom (our food came way quicker than I’d anticipated, so thank you Dan). We’d planned on taking more photos and thoroughly cleaning the apartment after brunch but due to an intense food coma, it didn’t happen. Mmm food coma.

Ham Benedict from Peso's (Style and Cheek) | Peso's Brunch

Dan’s Freybe Black Forest Ham Benedict with chipotle chili hollandaise. This tasted a lot lighter than I thought it would, but Dan was still stuffed after eating it, probably because he also pounded a plate of french toast and a couple yummy breakfast margaritas (regular margarita set up but with a heavy splash of orange juice) that I probably should have ordered too. We’ll have to come back for happy hour.

French toast from Peso's (Style and Cheek) | Peso's Brunch

Caramel French Toast – also not as heavy as I’d expected. The caramel wasn’t overpowering and definitely yummy. Looking back on this picture and seeing the size of the french toast, the benedict and knowing that Dan had to finish 1/3 of my steak because I was so full, I have no idea how he ate so much food.

Steak and Eggs at Peso's (Style and Cheek) | Peso's Brunch

My Carne Asada and Eggs with a mimosa and really strong coffee.  They had Cholula on the table! So I mixed that with pico de gallo and smothered my steak with it like a happy camper. Dan had never had steak and eggs and said that in the future he would never eat it without pico. It was really good and really filling. P.S. That’s me in the background walking back to my seat and catching Dan taking photos (aka he’s the nice one, even when celebrating his birthday).